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Gratitude - behaviors to adopt

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

I bet you are tired of hearing me talk about gratitude. Am I right? That’s why I waited until the end of this week to discuss it. But there is a reason I continue to harp on this repeatedly. Because it is the KEY to happiness. Think about it. It makes total sense. How can you be a happy individual if you aren’t grateful and happy about what is already in your life? There is always some good, somewhere.

I know we often feel like our lives suck and once a particular thing happens then things will get better. You can’t wait for something to happen. Because once you finally get what you are waiting for you will find you aren’t as happy and content as you thought you would be. Then you look to yet another thing to happen. It sets you up to constantly be waiting for something else to happen. You need to find what is good in your life RIGHT NOW. Put your focus on that. Be grateful for it. Thank the Lord or whoever you pray to (if someone) as often as possible. Just relish the things you love. You will start to feel a new appreciation for those things. You will focus on it more and more goodness will come into your life. Once you start being grateful…it’s like a contagious disease to the all the area’s in your life. You will start to notice improvement in everything. Don’t believe me? Just try it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I’m lucky in the sense that I feel like I had a definite turning point. I moved to the shore. I prioritized living at the shore as the most important thing to me. Once I made that happen, I was just so happy and grateful to be living here that it was easy for me to start finding more and more to be grateful about. I never thought we would be able to afford to purchase a house but managed to make it happen within two years. I wasn’t having much luck finding a job outside of radio and poof….a morning show co-host position opened up. My husbands’ hours changed at work and we started bringing a little more money in.

It all seemed to tie together. I became a much happier person. My husband and I are constantly joking around with each other. Being goofy and making each other laugh. Life is good. Even through the bad times which of course still happen. I ended up losing that radio job and I’m making my way into what I hope is my next career, but it didn’t break me or keep me down for long as I feel it would have done in the past. Full disclosure; as I’ve mentioned before I am on an anti-anxiety medication that has helped me a great deal in getting through everyday issues more seamlessly.

But wherever you are, where you live, what you current relationship status or job title is….find something you love about it. I know you can find one thing about your life that you just love. Focus on that part…be grateful for it. Thank the universe for allowing you to have it. Cherish and cultivate it and see how it grows into other areas of your life. But you have to truly love and appreciate it, or it won’t work.

It’s Friday so you can look forward to a cocktail! Happy weekend! Hope it is fantastic and be safe in whatever you do. Talk to you on Monday.

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