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Habit Coupling

New habits can seem so overwhelming at times. We expect so much of ourselves and get frustrated when we can't keep up with it. This is when we need to set ourselves up for success by stacking your new habits on top of old habits.

If you are looking to build a new habit tie it to an existing habit. If you want to start drinking more water put a tall glass next to the coffee maker and drink it before you indulge in that morning coffee. If you want to incorporate more gratitude into your life start a practice of doing it as soon as you get to work since you are already getting your desk organized and day started. Put your gym clothes on the passenger seat of your car so it's the first thing you see when you leave work to go home. Instead of heading directly home, hit the gym. Put a big bottle of hand lotion on the sink so you remember to moisturize after every washing.

We have so many automatic habits that we don't even realize. Like brushing your teeth. Or hitting the light switch when we go into a room. Making the first cup of coffee. Letting the dog out. Maybe you can take the dog for a short walk instead of letting them out. Get some extra activity in. Brainstorm ways you can build a new habit on an existing one.

Even better, tie it to a habit you love. Do you love a glass of wine at the end of the day? Bargain with yourself that you can't have that glass of wine until you get ten minutes of activity in. Or you can't have that glass of wine unless you are having a healthy dinner. In fact, only allow yourself the glass of wine while you are cooking a good, nutritious meal. If you stop for fast food on the way home then no wine for you!

Habit coupling and bargaining with yourself will go a long way toward success. Take some time to think about the habits that already exist for you and find ways to incorporate new, better habits to piggy back on them. The goal is to have an existing habit trigger the start of a new habit. It won't take long before you won't have to remind yourself of your new habit. It will be automatic.

Happy hump day! Take a little time to see what new habits will easily combine with new habits. Let's make things as easy for ourselves as possible! Now go out there and be badass. I'm always here, cheering you on!

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