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Health is your greatest asset.

Our greatest gift is our health and it is the very thing we take most for granted. We spend so much time bashing our bodies for things it can't do instead of being in wonder of what it can do. Our bodies do so much without even telling it to. That in itself is a wonder. The connection between the brain and your movements...truly fascinating. Yet we don't give it the credit it's due or even any credit at all. It's so important to stop taking our good health for granted and start taking care of the amazing body we were given because it truly is a gift no matter what shape it is in right now.

When I think about my body as a gift and the vessel that takes me through life it truly makes me think about it differently. More appreciatively. It makes me want to be kinder to my body and therefore myself. Every journey starts with the first step and in this case rehauling the thoughts we have about our body. Most importantly, the realization that if we don't have our health, we have very little.

This is why I am being kinder to myself and my weight loss journey this time around. I'm going slow. I'm not starving and punishing myself. I'm following a plan that won't make me feel deprived yet includes healthy foods that fuel my body. I have the rest of my life to get this right. There is no hurry. The most important thing is to do it right and make it last. That includes picking foods that are healthy, giving me energy and fighting disease.

My husband made a tortellini soup over the weekend. It was creamy, delicious, full of cheese and oh so fattening! It was so filling. I felt stuffed and bloated when we finished. Don't get me wrong...it was an amazing dinner. But I comparing that to the dinner we had the next night which consisted of salmon, potatoes and asparagus. I believe we ate even more that night but the type of food didn't leave me feeling full and bloated. I felt good after that meal. It doesn't mean I'm never going to have tortellini soup again. It just means that I should be choosing foods that fuel my body more so than ones that slow it down. It's a balance as is everything in life.

I also got a new workout from my girl, Angela who supplies me with my workouts. I've been doing the same ones for over six months now and it's really important to switch things up. I had been rotating a bunch of different ones but this new routine will workout better because it's a four week workout and there will be no deciding which one I will be doing today. Now, I know. Plus she always makes me do more than I want to which means my workouts have expanded to every weekday instead of just Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You know what we have to do when it comes to workouts....make them a non-negotiable. It's for your body. The one that is going to make or break you and all your dreams. Treat it well!

I put up a post over the weekend about my own weight loss journey. Instead of trying to get the most weight off the fastest this time, I'm going to focus on longer term goals. I am where I am right now and if I expect to much I may end up gaining even more weight. So it's time to take it slow and do things my body will thank me for instead of doing things do it that put it in further peril. Like starving it, berating it and being disgusted with it. Your body is your life! If you start to take it for granted imagine how different your life would be without legs or if you can't get out of bed at all. I know this all probably sounds a little foreign. It's not how we've been conditioned to feel about our bodies. But you can start to change that right now. It's all up to you!

It's Taco Tuesday! Make it a healthy one! Be kind to your body today. Thank it for all it does for you. Then go out there and be badass. I'm always here, cheering you on.

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