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Hey, watch what your doing!

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions? Do you often come to the end of the day and you don’t even realize what you were doing all day? It sounds kind of silly but I think it happens to all of us a lot. Because we are often on autopilot. Especially when we have a regular routine and our daily actions seem automatic. But make sure that you stop and pay attention to what you are doing occasionally. Savor some moments through your day.

I was eating my breakfast of egg whites, mushrooms and cheese this morning and I looked at my plate to scoop up another bite and noticed how cheesy and yummy it looked. Then I really paid attention to the melty goodness as I ate that bite. You know what…it was delicious! I eat this most mornings but I rarely pay attention to it. Just taking a moment to savor something can make it so much more enjoyable. We often take the taste of our food for granted. I know we taste it because we are usually battling with ourselves over whether we want chicken breast or a Quarterpounder with cheese for dinner. But do you really enjoy the taste throughout the meal? Hopefully you at least pay attention to the first few bites but after that you probably just stuff it down. I was listening to a podcast the other day and the guest was saying how his wife will make yummy, pleasure noises when they are out to eat. To the point that he finds it a little embarrassing. He asked her why she does this and she told him because it makes her look forward to the next bite. That is what we should be doing with most things in our lives!

Did the boss tell you what a great job you did on a particular project? Relish the moment. Feel really proud that you were given a compliment on the work you do. Take the time to notice the things around you more often. Decorate your desk at work with things that bring you joy. Stop occasionally to drink in the pictures of your family and loved ones.

Speaking of drinking, when is the last time you experienced a cup of coffee? You know, used an awesome mug and held it with both hands to warm them up and really taste it as it goes down the hatch? It makes the process so much more enjoyable.

Look at your kids and feel the pride that these are the creatures that you made. Delight in how cute they look and take them in. These moments while last so take advantage of them while you can. I do this with my dog all the time (because I don’t have kids) and she is little diva because of it. I just stare at her and feel so grateful that she is with me and still alive. Tucker is 13 now so I’m starting to get nervous about how much time she has left (she really is in great shape) but I don’t ever want to feel like she was not given the best possible life. So, I give in to all her belly rub demands and take her on walks often. I give her treats and basically spoil her rotten. Not only does this help me savor all the moments with my best girl but I hope it will leave me with a feeling of no regrets when I can’t indulge her anymore.

There are so many things you can do to make your days more enjoyable. Light that scented candle. Wear your favorite perfume. Put on an outfit that makes you feel fabulous because that will trickle into how you feel all day. Listen to your favorite music and let it pump you up. Notice something in nature and stop to appreciate it. Splurge on some fresh cut flowers so you can admire and smell them for the next week. Wear your favorite jewelry…stop waiting for special occasions! Or just notice the stuff you wear every day. I stare at my wedding rings all the time. Because they are shiny and pretty and I love them!

How about how comfy you are in your own bed? I love my bed. It’s so comfortable! And as cheap as I am, I don’t skimp in the bedding department. I have quality high thread count sheets and a fluffy comforter that swallows me up. And when I crawl into that cloud like goodness and get in that super comfy spot as I ready myself to drift off…I swear I have a smile on my face. You spend a lot of time in your bed so make it as comfortable as possible. A good night sleep is so important.

When you are doing something that you love step back occasionally and savor the moment. Whether it be sitting in the sun, watching a movie, or zip lining. It will make it a much memorable experience…one that you will want to look back on often.

It is finally cocktail Friday! Really pay attention as you down that adult beverage later today! Take note of some things today that you normally take for granted. And go make it your best day yet!

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