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The extreme abortion laws in most states in the US continue to cause havoc in women and their families lives. A story came out this week about a woman from Louisiana, Nancy Davis, who is 13-weeks pregnant found out the fetus she is carrying lacks a skull. There is absolutely zero chance this baby will survive. But due to her state's extreme laws on abortion of little to no exceptions she is not able to have the procedure. Does this seem a bit ludicrous to you? Do you see how harsh these laws are and how it is forcing women into trauma related situation. Why on earth would this woman be forced to carry a baby that will be dead on arrival for another 27 weeks? How traumatic is that for her, her husband and the child they already have?

Ms. Davis doesn't intend to keep this baby but she has to travel to Florida in order to get an abortion. And she has to do it very quickly as Florida doesn't allow abortion after 15 weeks. So she literally has to stop her life and make plans to get there in the next two weeks no matter how much it costs or regardless of any other obligations she has in order to get this done. And soon some states will make it illegal for you to even travel out of state if you are pregnant. Some have already enacted this law. How horrible for this women and her family. She doesn't want an abortion. She would have welcomed this baby with open arms but because this country has gone crazy with controlling women and acting like their life does not matter she has to make very difficult, expensive decisions.

These are the type of things most people didn't consider when they voted to ban abortion in their states. Or maybe they did and don't care. I'm not quite sure. I do know that at least one Senator has regretted his decision to vote in favor of these bans. Senator Dick Durbin says after talking with two young women who were sexually assaulted he realizes that these decisions belong to the women who are in these horrific situations. Progress. Not much but it's something.

I'm still wondering what the Republicans can be thinking with this extreme laws about women, their bodies and their livelihood right before the mid-term elections. I've heard the decision to overturn Roe was made too early. That it was meant to happen after the Supreme Court took up Moore v. Harper which deals with voter rights. I can't confirm that story. But I have to think they have some sort of plan. Or they really did think that women wouldn't be upset about this access being taken away. I can't believe they all would have thought that but you never know. I've also heard a theory that Republicans are hoping to make it so extreme to get any type of abortion that if they relent on allowing exceptions for women who are sexually assaulted that will satisfy us and we will stop fighting for the right for everyone to have access to reproductive rights as they see fit. I can't confirm that either but it seems a plausible theory but nope...that is not going to be enough. We will not stop until we have total control over our bodily autonomy and can make the decisions that are best for us. Because if we don't have that then we don't have freedom. And I refuse to live in a country where women are treated as second class citizens.

I've gotten some flack on social media for my views and been called some pretty hateful things for my position. My question to those who are only worried about the unborn I have a question. Are you an organ donor? Because your organs can go on to save many lives after you die. If you are then I applaud you. But if you aren't, that was your choice. You get to choose what you do with your body even after you are dead. Women can't take control of their body while they are living. Seriously, a corpse has more rights than women in this country. Just let that sink in.

I've also seen women slut shaming in their responses to some of my posts. Really? In this day and age we are still doing that? Which leads me to believe that a lot of this really does have to do with women having the audacity to have sex pleasure. You know, the same thing men have been able to do since the beginning of time? The comment went something like this, what about the baby you created with your reckless behavior. First of all, whoa...way to group all situations into one. And two, why is it always the woman's fault when they get pregnant? Why is it men still aren't being held accountable? Why aren't we putting more of the responsibility on men? I mean, I know the answer to that but seriously? These laws are so archaic and have set us some back so many years. We still haven't passed the equal rights amendment that was introduced in the 1970's. You know back when you couldn't have you own bank account or apply for a credit card without a husband or fathers name on it? This is what we are dealing with.

And before anyone starts speaking up to you about putting the baby up for adoption just no. It is not a woman's responsibility to supply the world with babies. Period. Could you imagine a man putting his life on hold for 9 months to supply someone else with a baby he doesn't intend to keep? No drinking, no smoking of any type, no sushi, limited caffeine? Not to mention how uncomfortable you become while you are pregnant and the pain of the delivery process? Can you imagine a man going through all that for a baby he doesn't intend to keep? There may be a few out there but there aren't many.

All of this just reeks to me of putting men back where they want to be...in control. The superior gender. To have women be subservient once again. The Republicans that are enacting these laws at least. I truly believe that women have caught up a little fast to men and they are scared. They are scared they will have to compete with women to get that job, to make the money and have to work harder. This is an attempt to put us women back in our place.

I've also been asked about inflation and how that's working for me. I honestly don't care. I truly don't. First of all, there is inflation taking place all over the world right now. It's a global issue. So President Biden must be super, duper powerful to affect the economies of the entire world. And even if it were all his fault I will gladly pay three times what I am paying right now in order to get my rights as a human being back. I don't care what else is happening in this country right now. I'm working to get women their rights back. And that is the only issue I am worried about until we do. I will be voting for those who will return us to our rightful place in this country. I am continually working with Planned Parenthood and Women's March to let lawmakers know we will not sit down and take this. I will not resign myself to that this is how things are now. Nope, never going to happen. Never. I will work till my dying day to make sure women are treated as they should be in this country.

With that said, there is a huge march taking place in Washington DC on the weekend of October 7 though the 9th. It's through Women's March who you can follow on Facebook or Instagram. There are not being very forthright with specific details which is frustrating to me but I plan to be there. I hope you can make arrangements to be there too.

Until next time ladies...keep up the fight. Talk to everyone you know about your position on this issue. Point out how Republicans are voting against women and all of their rights. Keep spreading the word and encourage women to vote blue. It's to save the lives of women!

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