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In order to keep going, always remember your why!

This picture right here is my whole world. Me, my hubby and my girl, Tucker at the Jersey Shore where we are lucky enough to call home. Oh, and we're even on a boat! It took me a long time to get to this point in my life and I will do whatever I need to in order to keep it. It took me a long time to get to live where I dreamed. It even took me a long time to get married. Now, that I have everything I've ever wanted...I will do what it takes to keep this life. What that means for me right now is making this business work. I've done a lot of fancy finances to keep us afloat while I'm not bringing in a salary but I need to start making some money.

I've been blessed to do work that I love most of my life. My 25 year career in radio has been filled with highs and lows but after working outside the business for a few years I realized how much easier it is to get up in the morning when you truly like what you do. Now, that I've been focusing on this podcast and building "The Hopefulist" brand I'm love my work and my days so much better. I get to do work that I love while maintaining a lifestyle that I enjoy. I've had a great summer. I've been able to take advantage of all the Jersey Shore has to offer while still getting my work in. Sometimes I slack off because I'm not a tough boss...lol. But when I feel lazy or want to blow things off, the thing that keeps me going is my why.

In addition to being my own boss and starting my own company, my why consists of attempting to help others what I have learned. That you can change from being a pessimist and transform your thoughts from negative to positive. It has been such an enlightening experience and there was so much holding me back from achieving it for years. Now that I know what it takes to truly let loose and live a much happier life, I want to share it with as many people I can find. Because I believe if I can find true happiness, anyone can. This is my why.

What is your why? Is it your family? Is it your relationship? Is your work? Is it where you live? Is it how you live? No matter what it is, this is the thing that will keep you persisting in achieving your goals. Is it just money from any job to pay the bills as long as you can live in your dream home? If the type of work you do doesn't really matter then find something that pays as much as possible. If what you do does matter to you then you will do whatever you need to in order to get a job you enjoy. If it's making sure your kids are happy, then remind yourself of that whenever you feel like giving up on something that will bring you closer to that goal. You get the picture?

Life is hard. But anything worth having will take a little work. Write your goal down somewhere and look at it often to keep you moving toward it. There will be times that you won't feel like you're getting anywhere...keep at it. There will be times that you may fail at a project...keep at it with the knowledge or what didn't work last time. There will be times when it feels so freaking far away...keep going. You will get there. What is the alternative? To give up on your dream? What happens then? You settle for an easy, unsatisfied life. No way, Jose! Keep going, keep doing, keep striving! Living a fulfilled life is the goal. Anything short of that is not acceptable.

Oh my, Thursday already! I'm off tomorrow and again on Monday for the holiday. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and please be safe in what you do! Now to out there and be your badass self. I'm always cheering you on!

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