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Intuition - behaviors to adopt

Hone and develop your intuition. It's already there....we just need to start paying attention to it. Did you ever just know something without really knowing it? That's your intuition. And it happens over and over again. Tune into it. Pay attention to it. Listen to it...it's almost always right.

I've been told that I need to stop talking about my job loss. It's time to put it behind me and move forward (which I totally am) but I need to mention this because it's important. There had been some issues going on at work that were being discussed between myself and management. My boss had made a comment that made me think he considered me a complainer. So I didn't want to go back to him for a follow up but he wasn't getting back to me. I discussed with my husband the possibility of going right to the general manager but was worried it would appear I was going over my boss' head. After mulling it over the whole weekend I told my husband that I had a really bad feeling. He told me to go ahead and contact the general manager then. And I did. I sent him an email the next day which was Monday. He never responded to my email. That Friday I lost my job. I knew something was coming. I could feel it. So, I heard my intuition and listened to it....it just didn't do any good. But I knew something was coming and I wasn't going to like it.

Did you ever walk into a place and just know you are supposed to be there? That has happened to me with numerous jobs. I’ve known the minute I walked into certain establishments that I would be working there. I knew the minute I walked into the house we ultimately purchased that this was the one. I could see myself walking through that door everyday and it already felt like home.

The same thing happened when I decided to start this blog and podcast. I had already started the blog, but it literally hit me like a bolt of lightening when I was at the gym one morning. I am going to start a podcast and I’m going to inspire people every day. I’m not going to get fired from jobs anymore for things that are not in my control. As the idea hit it started to grow. I got together with a friend of mine who is a podcast consultant. He showed me the way and I got it up and running within three weeks. Then I had an offer of help to design and launch a website. Yes! Let’s do it. While all these things are happening, I know deep down that this is my calling. This is what I was born to do. And nothing will stop me from getting to my goal. I know I will get there and this will be my dream come true. It’s meant to be. You know how I know? I can feel it. My intuition is telling me I’m on the right track. The path is unfolding as I go along. I am adding more and more as I go along. Listen to your heart. It will NOT steer you wrong.

How about meeting someone for the first time? I was introduced to a guy once at work that managed a radio station I was going to start doing news reports for. He wasn’t particularly good looking, but I had this feeling that he was going to be someone important in my life. I ended up dating him for two years, but it wasn’t like an instant attraction. More like a feeling of connection. It took us awhile to start dating. We spoke on the phone when I called in to do my reports for about six months before we started dating. I just knew when I met him that he would play an important part in my life and he did.

When it comes to honing your intuition, you just need to get quiet and listen to what your heart is telling you. It’s not easy but sometimes the answer has been right there all along and we just didn’t quiet our life enough to hear it. Start paying attention to the things that light you up. The places and people. You are leading yourself exactly where you want to go. You just need to pay attention.

It’s hump day! A great day to make some time to listen to your inner thoughts and feelings. Now go make it your best day yet! Talk to you tomorrow!

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