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Is it happening to you or FOR you?

It's normal to feel devastated and hopeless when a major change happens in our lives, like a job loss. It's even okay to take a few days to sit a few days and lick our wounds. Eat the ice cream, watch the movies, feel sorry for yourself, cry and get it all out. Then, it's time to get to work. Something I've learned recently that I think really resonates in this time is this fact. Successful people don't have more resources, they are more resourceful. Do you see the difference? People that are highly successful often don't come from a place with a lot of money. They figure out how to get the money they need to do what they want. Think of it this way, does a drug addict stop using when they run out of money? No, of course not. They figure out a way to get money. I'm not talking about stealing or being unethical. I'm just using it as an example.

But as you are taking some time to mourn the loss of your new life, get excited about a brand new one. You have a fresh start. You can go in any direction you choose. When I lost my job last year I was devastated and distraught. But all the work I've done on myself over the years led me to a more positive outlook and the search for something that would bring me a sense of fulfillment along with happiness. I was able to look around enough to realize there was a door open for me to do my own thing and I decided to walk through it. I don't want you to think it's been all peachy. It hasn't. I haven't been bringing in any money in many months. We really can't afford our mortgage without any sort of income from me but we've been figuring things out as we go along. I've been a better saver. I've cut even more corners. I've had some help from family. And there are times when money literally just shows up. Yes, you heard me correctly. Because I believe when you put out in the universe what you want and need, it conspires to bring it to you.

Let me explain a little further. Right after Christmas, my husband hit a deer on his way home from work. He really messed up his car. It took three weeks for it to be repaired. We have insurance of course and had a rental car available, along with the repairs paid for but we had to come up with a $500 deductible. Amazingly, we received in the mail a Christmas bonus from my husbands work that covered that bill. He had never gotten a bonus in his 10+ years of working for the company. Coincidence? Maybe, or it was the universe working in the way I know it can. We got back some money from taxes this year that helped pay the mortgage. And soon, hopefully, we will get a stimulus check from the government. It's been working out for us. It will work out for you too. The more you believe it, the better off and the more power it has. You can think I'm crazy for believing such things but my bills are getting paid somehow without me working for over a year now.

Now is the time to re-examine everything in your life. What has been working? What hasn't been working? Now that we have a new normal, what is it that you like and what do you want to make sure never happens again (like losing your job)? And in all honesty, that is one of the main reasons I took the path I'm on. I've been fired too many times in my business for things that have absolutely nothing to do with me or my work. Change of ownership, format flips, bad contract negotiations on behalf of the company I worked for. After this last firing, I had enough. I wanted to in control of what happened in my career. So, it begs the question...did this happen to me or for me? I know what I think.

Is there something you've always wanted to do but never had the time. Is it possible to get some education while you homebound? Can you explore something you were never really interested in before as a career but realize it may be a workable idea. That's what happened with me. I never planned on working for myself. I didn't even want to be in charge anywhere else...it's just not my thing. But here I am doing it. It still doesn't feel real but I am a business owner. Or at least an owner of something that is on its way to being a business. It's thrilling, exhilarating, scary and rewarding. I highly recommend it!

This is the time to put in some thought about all parts of your life. How do you want it to unfold. When you are really old and looking back on your life, how do you hope it will look? Start working toward that picture in your mind. If you need some help, email me through Facebook, Instagram or at thehopefulist1@gmail.com.

It's cocktail Friday people! Did you hold off until today or did you sneak a couple in during the week? It's okay! Grab an adult beverage this after/evening. Or hell, whenever...I hear there are no time constraints during quarantine! Have a fantastic weekend. Be safe and stay well. Now, go make today your best day yet!

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