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It's Christmas Eve eve!

It’s Christmas Eve eve! I just love the holidays. I still have the excitement of a kid looking forward to all the wonderful blessing about to be bestowed on us. Good will, spending time with loved ones, seeing the face of someone light up when they open the perfect gift, the food and yes, all the presents! Is it just me that still loves getting presents? I love to give gifts too but I still love to get stuff! There! I said it. I love presents…bring on the presents!

Hopefully you are just about done with your to-do list. If not, do your best to make some time to finish up in a patient manner where you don’t have to rush because it is a jungle out there. My husband cut his shopping short the other day because he said it was virtually impossible to navigate the aisles. He came home and decided to give it another go when the stores opened in the morning and he made out much better. But if you can’t go first thing, then try to pack your patience. Try to feel the good will and don’t let people annoy you. Don’t let them decide what type of mood you are going to be in on this Christmas Eve eve! It’s the most wonderful time of the year afterall!

What are the traditions you look forward to every year? Do you have a gathering that you host or attend every Christmas Eve? I love Christmas Eve. It’s my favorite day of the year. Even more than Christmas Day. You know why? I love the anticipation. I love the excitement of what is to come. I love that I delude myself into thinking that I will get along with everyone and things will go smoothly. I’m kidding! For one day at least we can all get along.

We had started a tradition of having a party every year on Christmas Eve eve but we had to forgo that this year. Aside from it being on a Monday we just didn’t have the resources to throw a party this year. It makes me a little sad but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Or not do what you can’t do. Instead I made a date with some of my favorite people to have a few adult beverages at a local watering hole. I will still get to see my friends and spend a little fun, quality time with them before the holiday.

Whatever it is you have planned for the next few days try to stay in the mindset of gratefulness. And try to be mindful. Take in all the joy. Watch it, feel it, cherish it. It’s what the holidays and life is all about. I know it’s a lot of work but it usually has a pretty good payoff. So, finish up what you have to, then sit back and get ready to feel the spirit. Honestly, cherish this time. After Christmas all we have to look forward to is three months of cold and miserableness. (I am not a cold weather person!) But we will find the joy in that next week. This week, we are just going to enjoy the rest of the ride into the holidays!

Now, go make it your best Christmas Eve eve yet!

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