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It’s December…already! Can you believe it? Is this the time of year that you usually take your foot off the gas and coast into the new year? I’m here to tell you no way, Jose! This is when we should be working the hardest on ourselves so we can enjoy all the end of year festivities to the fullest! So we can feel present and worthy of all the good things to come. When we feel worthy, everything is better! You are always worthy of good things but I know that we don’t always feel that way about ourselves. Stop putting off the things you say you are going to do and just do them. You will feel so proud of yourself and want to celebrate with an eggnog!

I encourage you to work even harder this month on yourself and the projects that you’ve been putting off. This way, you won’t feel so overwhelmed when the new year rolls around with promises to do everything then. If you get a head start on your new year goals, you will be way ahead of the game come January 1st and on your way to a fantastic 2020! Start it off ahead instead of behind.

I really put some thought into this when Rachel Hollis (you know, my girl) started her #last90days challenge. I won’t get into all the details but she started doing this for herself a few years ago because of what we all do this time of year…give ourselves a pass to do whatever we want. Then we end up having so much more of a hill to climb when the new year does get here. She talked about how her goal to lose weight come January 1st is so much harder because she ended up putting on an additional 15 pounds at the end of the year. I’ve been there too. Two years ago my mom passed away right after Thanksgiving and I gave myself a pass to do and eat whatever I wanted that December. I put on 20 pounds! 20 pounds! I obviously can’t give myself such passes. My goal right now is to just not gain any weight. I plan to go to every gathering and indulge but get right back on track the next day. We can have it all. We just have to be smart about it and plan for it.

So, what have you been putting off that really needs to be done? I have a desk in our guest room that has been a catch all for mail, papers, what have you and it’s gotten pretty out of control. I’ve been thinking for weeks about getting that all cleaned off but I haven’t yet. I promise to have it done by the end of this week. Because not only does it look so much nicer when I can actually see the top of the desk but it will no longer be nagging at me that I need to get it done. It’s a win, win! What is the one thing that has been nagging you? Getting that kitchen in order? Full scale cleaning of the house? Getting the decorations up? Cleaning out the closet. Figure out when you can get it done. We tend to make jobs we don’t want to do so much worse than they really are. Get it done. It will probably take less time than you think and then you won’t have to worry about it anymore (until dirt and stuff piles up again). But this is life and this is how it goes. Cleaning is a pain especially since it gets dirty again so fast but so do you and you keep showering everyday, right? I hope so anyway!

It’s Monday! My favorite day after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A brand new week full of opportunities and possibilities! What have you been putting off? Can you figure out a time to get it done? Just do it! You’ll feel so much better! Now, go make it your best day yet!

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