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One year ago on my birthday I left work feeling frustrated, annoyed and kind of hopeless with my work situation. My so-called partner had basically ignored my birthday. He said happy birthday when he first came in and then didn't mention it again. He didn't mention it on the air. I didn't want to mention it myself. How sad is it to wish yourself a happy birthday? So, he went on with the show like it was any other day. When it was his birthday I mentioned it first thing so listeners could call up or text happy wishes to him. I brought him breakfast and treats and balloons. I mentioned it all through the show that day so he could be celebrated.

So, why wouldn't he do the same for me? I believe it was because he was a bitter, resentful person who couldn't stand for anyone to get more attention than himself. He did finally say it was my birthday at the last break of our show. I guess he felt it would be too obvious if he didn't say anything at all. Have you ever worked with someone who was so bitter they couldn't even stand for other people to say happy birthday to you? It wasn't a good working condition.

As most of you know my story, I was asked to leave this job a few short months later. This came as a shock. At the very least I didn't have to work with or even see bitter guy anymore. After working in the radio business for 20 plus years this wasn't something unusual. I'd gone through it before but this time hurt. I had tried so hard to make things work with this guy and no matter what I did, he just wanted to work against me rather than with me. I talked to management about it several times and they seemed to agree with me but we were both let go for some reason. I decided I didn't want to put myself in a position to let other people decide my fate regardless of how I hard I worked and the sacrifices I made in order to put on an entertaining show every day.

I decided to make a change. I decided to go in a different direction. One I would be in charge of. I would be the one to determine the content. I would be the one to decide when it would air and how much I wanted to share. I would be the one to do all the work. And I embraced it. I love it. I can't wait to do it everyday. One situation was the catalyst to all this change in my life. And since it was my birthday yesterday, I thought about where I was just one year ago. And boy, does my life look a lot different. But in all the very best ways.

It has been a lot of work. There has been a lot of uncertainty. There have been big steps forward and many steps back. There have been times that I wonder if what I'm doing will ever take off. But mostly, I feel deep inside myself that this is what I'm supposed to be doing. And every time I get a message or post from someone telling me what I said really resonated with them I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Don't misunderstand. This is a lot of work. I have challenged myself in ways I never thought. I have pushed myself to do things I never thought I could, things I never thought I would have to do. But I push forward and it's so rewarding. This time last year I was part of a team. A very dysfunctional team. Now, I am the Hopefulist!

Because here is the thing. You are in control of your life. You can go anywhere you want. You can live anywhere you want. You can do any type of work you want. You can be whatever you want to be. Don't tell yourself excuses for why you can't. You can. That is your fear talking. Don't give in to fear. Your fear wants your life to mediocre so it can rest of it's couch and not have to do anything. Don't let fear be lazy. Don't you be lazy and get fear out of the barcalounger. Fear will be your friend through the process of major change. Learn to work with fear and you will go places you never thought you could go.

Life is short. We should be charging toward our dreams instead of putting them off to next year. To when we have more time, when we have more money, when we have more energy. None of these things are going to get better until you do! Do what makes your heart sing. Why would we want to spend any of our days not being as happy as we can possibly be?

It is I wish it were cocktail Friday, Thursday. It is almost the weekend. I hope you can take one little step toward the life of your dreams today. It all starts with one step. Now, go make today your best day yet!

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