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Joy in small things makes a joyful life

You all know how much I love my Rachel Hollis. And it was such a gift to have her added as a speaker at the Oprah 2020 Vision Tour. Not only did I get to see her speak again but I got to watch her realize her dream of speaking on Oprah's stage. My excitement over her moment got me mentioned on her Instagram story yesterday. She shared my post to her massive audience and even blew me kisses. I feel like a total dork but I am truly geeking out over this. Not to mention...I've gained quite a few new followers which is a huge bonus. I don't even consider this a small thing, really. For me, this is a big deal! Rachel now knows the name "The Hopefulist". I don't think she is going to seek me out but I think the name is memorable enough that when she starts seeing it more often she will remember that I've been with her all along.

So, what is it that you just love that you feel kind of dorky about? Small things that bring you joy? This is one of the keys to happiness. If you can find small things that bring you joy and make the time to do them, you will enjoy life so much more. I know this seems obvious but so many people know what they love yet never make time for it in their lives. We are all busy, I get it. But you have to find the time to do the things you love. Instead of watching t-v after the kids are in bed, take a bath or listen to music in a candlelit room. Watching t-v can be a great way to relax but don't depend on only that. I feel like we all watch so much t-v because it's just what we do. Everyone does it. But you can turn it off and listen to music or read a book. Or even better, journal or have some quiet time to figure out what you really want and how you really want to live your life.

Take more time to appreciate the things you already have in your life and you will be more satisfied with your life. Taking things for granted is the biggest threat to our happiness. I am grateful for my husband all the time. He really is a saint and I can't believe how lucky I am that I got him. A man that makes my happiness his priority. That he was willing to move away from where he always lived because I wanted to live at the Jersey Shore. He commutes three hours a day to work and back because I want to live where we live. I never take these gifts for granted. Nor do I take for granted the fact that we are living in my dream house in my dream area. My house isn't perfect by any means. It can use a lot of updating. I don't even like the color of it. But it has two sliding glass doors overlooking the bay in my little lagoon and I love watching the water from my spot on the couch. Our kitchen is out of date but it works. Our windows are old and need replacing but they are still keeping us safe and warm now. But it's also the perfect size for our little family of three (the third being Tucker, of course). We have a huge deck in the back of the house. There is an amazing enclosed porch that I love to sit in. And we have the best neighbors anyone could ever ask for.

How much did you love your car when you first got it? Was it brand new? Even if it wasn't I bet it was clean and fresh smelling when you got it. Do you have a bad habit of trashing up your car like my husband does? I try to get across to him to not treat something that costs so much money like a trash can. Really, think about how much cars are these days. Treat it well. Keep it clean and appreciate the fact that it gets you wherever you need to be.

Take pride in your appearance. Wear those nice clothes, even the sexy underwear. It makes you feel sexier throughout the day. If you like make-up then put it on. Take some time to experiment to see what looks the most flattering on you. When is the last time you tried a new trend. We tend to settle on a certain color palette and decide that will be our look for the rest of our lives. There is so much fun we can have with make-up. Just experiment a little bit. One of my biggest issues is since I work from home now I never take the time to wear something nice or put makeup on. I'm trying to change that. I do in fact, record video's of myself and that is worth the time it takes to look nice, right? It seems like too much trouble sometimes but it usually ends up being worth it.

Even if you get excited about little things that make you feel a little dorky proclaiming your love for, do it anyway. If someone thinks you are dorky, let them, agree with them. But you are a happy dork. It's not your business what other people think about you. You live life for you and no one else! Do what makes you happy and be as excited as a four year old on Christmas morning. It's really the only way to live.

It is Taco Tuesday. Grab a taco. Is that one of your small joys? Then grab two! Think about the small things you can really get excited about and make more time for it. And that will help make this, your best day yet!

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