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JOY in the process

How often do you start something and crap out right away? Has there been a time when you go full force into a project only to lose interest a few weeks later? Yeah, me too. In fact, it's what I did all the time. Another reason why my mind didn't believe me when I said, I'm really going to do it this time. I'd proven myself wrong every other time. But not this time, Sis. This time...we are going to make it stick. How, you ask? Joy. We are going to find the joy and that will keep us going.

As we continue to focus on commitment and consistency, the best way to keep at both is to find joy in the process. The main reason I have been able to keep up with my podcast for the past year is because I love doing it. I took what I loved about radio and combined it with my daily message of inspiration and positivity. I talk a little about myself and some cool, fun news stories to share with you. I find an interesting topic (most days) that you can chime in on and be part of the show. These are the things that I loved doing everyday on the radio. I still get to do a little of that on the podcast everyday. Then I go into my main message of the day. One I hope inspires you and shows you how you can think differently, more positively every single day. I found a process that I love. One that I want to keep doing for many years to come. In spite of all the pitfalls I've faced. All the times I thought this would never work and I would never be able to make money at it. I kept doing it. Because there are a handful of you who have been there from the beginning and I know you looked forward to it everyday. I know who you are and I will always love you most! And it helped structure my day.

People think I am crazy when they find out I work from home and still get up at 4 am every day. I have gotten up at that time for over 25 years. I'm used to it. I don't only, not mind it, I enjoy it. I like getting up before the rest of the world and starting my day. I like to relax a little and enjoy a cup of coffee before I have to rush to start my day. Since I had always worked so early, it was like a race to get out the door in the morning so I could get every minute of sleep possible. I don't have to do that anymore. I can relax and do whatever I want first thing. And I like to have my podcast done and ready for you by 7 everyday so I still need to be productive early. But after the podcast is done I get to focus on all the other stuff. That stuff that will eventually turn this into a profitable business. And I'm getting there. Meanwhile, I love being there for you. I love talking to you everyday over the podcast, via blog or on social media. It's what lights me up. I love to hear from you too. So send me a message or post on my wall whenever the mood strikes you. I love it! I found a process that I love and that is what keeps me committed to it. I don't love all the parts of it. But I love enough to keep me going everyday.

It's the same with working out or starting a healthy eating regimen. Find workouts you like or you won't do them. If you hate going to the gym, then don't work out there. If you have looked, you have been able to find all kinds of workout at home routines. I personally, like strength training but am not so jazzed about cardio. So I try to do full body workouts that entail both. And summer is when I hit my cardio stride. I love riding my bike and going off in the kayak. That counts! I do try to get more cardio in at other times of the year but I feel okay if I'm just getting my strength training in. It's better than nothing and it keeps me going. When it comes to giving your menu a makeover, you must eat foods you like. Or you will never ever stick to it. I'm not saying you can eat burgers everyday. But you can find a way to prepare chicken or a salad that you like. Find seasonal vegetables that you love and load up on them. I eat corn on the cob and tomatoes all summer long. They are my favorites and it takes a lot for me to get tired of them. You all know how I love Rachel Hollis but she forces herself eat foods she hates. She says because she knows it is healthy and it makes me her feel better. Bless her but I don't think that works for most people. I have never been a fish person but I have learned to love salmon. Seafood is very low in calorie depending on how you prepare it. Make the process enjoyable and it will be much easier to stick to.

Are you committing to being a more present parent? What activities do you like to do with the kids? Make sure you include them often. Are you trying to get a promotion at work? Find something you really love to do and go all in on it. Make yourself a superstar in that particular area. Focus on what you love and it helps you get through the parts you don't love. What is it you are committing to right now? What are you thinking about as we go through this challenge? How can you make it more enjoyable? What can you do that will make you look forward to everyday instead of dreading it? I will leave you to ponder these questions. Always remember, it's all up to you. You are the one in charge of your life. And you are worth the work. Now, get to it. And make today, your best day yet!

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