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Just appreciate everything for one day

Take a look at all the things mentioned above. These are the things we take for granted every day. I had posted a video over the holidays that showed a man waking up and being so happy that he had a warm bed, a hot shower, breakfast on the table and a car to get to work. It seems like a silly little video but what if we stopped taking so much of our lives for granted? What if for one day, we said thank you for everything we come across in our day, starting with waking up. Yes, be grateful that you woke up because one day you won't.

Life is such a great gift but so many of us just try to get through everyday. We tolerate our jobs, our families, our car instead of reveling in them. You may hate your job but what if you could just focus on what you love about it. I"m sure you like the money it brings you. Even if it isn't as much as you want. It is the dream of those who can't find a job to support themselves and their families. What if we were so happy to have a car that will take us where we need to go and keep us warm and safe at the same time. And it even gives us the opportunity for entertainment be it listening to the radio or a podcast.

Try focusing on the food you are consuming today. Even if it isn't your favorite food it is satisfying your hunger. It is giving you the energy you need to do all the things you do each and everyday. But go ahead and have something yummy today so you feel even more gratitude. It's Friday and I said it's okay! We used to have bagels at one the radio stations I worked at every Friday. I looked forward to that every week and saved up my weight watchers points!

What if when you are driving today you really took notice of nature and the scenery outside your window. Just slow down a little and really take in the scene. Think about how everything will be coming alive soon. There will be buds on the trees and leaves sprouting up new and fresh. Those daffodils will be popping up any day now. Take in your neighborhood and take joy in the fact that you are part of a community. Do you have roads that you can take long walks on? If it's too busy, is there a park nearby where you can go?

When you get home today and see that your spouse left the kitchen messy, can you just be grateful that you have a house to get messy and be grateful that your spouse is in your life? If you are going through some tough times, can you think back when you first fell in love and remember what is what about them that you loved so much? Think about your wedding day and how in love you were and what a great day that was (hopefully).

If your kids are getting on your nerves, you can remind yourself that there are many people who can't have kids. It's not all good but I'm sure you would never change it. Depending on their age, just sit and watch them. Feel the unconditional love wash over you. Remind yourself that you made that. You created a human! As someone who never had kids, that still amazes me.

How about your home and what's in it? I know you have some things that you love in your home. Can you focus on them and just be thankful? Is it a favorite throw on the couch? The dog on your lap? How about your warm, comfy bed? I always give a big sigh of satisfaction when I curl up in bed to go to sleep. It's such a nice feeling to be so comfortable and know you will be getting some much needed rest.

How mobile are you? Can you walk and tell your body to do just about everything you want it too? Then you are way ahead of a whole lot of people. Don't take your health for granted. Think about how much harder or different your life would be if you lost an arm, or a leg, or your sight. Be grateful that you aren't one of the people which such challenging afflictions. And don't waste that gift because those people would do anything to switch places with you.

Just try it. Just for one day and see if you feel any differently about your life. The more often you do this the more grateful you will feel for all you have in your life and the happier you will be. It really is true that the more grateful you are, the more you find to be grateful for. Just look around and take it all in. Stop getting through life and start enjoying it. It's the best gift you'll ever get.

It is cocktail Friday, people! We made it! I hope you get to grab a cocktail later and have a fantastic weekend. Be safe in whatever you do. And try not to take anything for granted for just one day. See how you feel at the end of the day. I think you will like it. Now, go make today, your best day yet.

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