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Do you ever feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Full disclosure....I just wanted an opportunity to share this picture! This is me at the balance rock in "The Garden of the Gods" in Colorado! We just got back from a trip out there and it was truly amazing. The mountains are majestic. My neck hurts from staring up for a week straight. We did all the touristy things. Don't let people make you feel bad for acting like a tourist when you one. We get such a short time to see all the things on a trip you should be taking advantage of as much as you can.

Going out there we definitely planned to go up Pike's Peak and seeing Garden of the Gods which were both incredible. I will be sharing pictures of all the beauty for the next year....at least! But we also found some amazing things to do by just asking Google what things we should do in Colorado. The first thing we did was visit a place called Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun. We drove up to the top of a mountain and they had....you guessed it...a shrine! The view was amazing and it was quick an exciting ride up and back in our rental car. We also found on Google the Seven falls which was an area that had seven waterfalls. The falls were pretty thin this time of year and I even heard some people say they were surprised there was any water at all. But there was! And we loved it. More amazing views, pictures and memories.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to be home now though. I missed my bed, pillow and couch. I missed my view outside my sliding doors. I missed my dog! It was so great falling asleep last night in my own bed with my dog cuddled up beside me. I am savoring my home brewed coffee with Wawa french vanilla creamer. They don't have Wawa's out there!!!! I'm grateful to have a little routine back. Which is good and bad. We really did see all the things out there. We did at least one major tourist attraction a day, sometimes two. We went to bed exhausted every night. We made the most of our trip. And now, I feel like I could sleep for a week. And I may! But it's time now to get my butt in gear and start doing all the work things. A good thing about vacation is it makes you realize how much you love home too. We are all usually happy to get back to our own beds. But it's also a great time to shake up your routine a little bit.

Is there something that has you a little stuck right now? Like I mentioned, are feeling the weight of the world on your right now? The craziness of the world right now isn't helping matters. In fact, it is just adding to it. Is it time to reassess what you are doing? Is it time to pivot and change directions? Or do you need to keep doing what you're doing but step it up a notch? When it comes to myself...I think I'm in a rut. I've been doing the same thing everyday for months. I had a whole lot of different directions I wanted to take my business and I haven't followed through on any of them. I am still getting my blog, podcast and social media posts on everyday which is a lot. But there are so many ideas I haven't started to implement. So many different directions I could go and I haven't done any of them. I'm stuck in this comfort zone. Meanwhile, I haven't seen much growth in my business. And although you know I love you most and always will, my dream is to reach more and more people. To turn more pessimists into optimists. To help people live their best lives with a little inspiration and positivity every day. I hope to make a difference in people's lives. Because if this girl can get happy, anyone can! So what do I do now? Keep going. Keep doing what I'm doing and start implementing these ideas I have. The next steps I have been thinking about and talking about for months.

And that is what you should do as well. What is the next step in your life? In your family life? In your home life? In your work life? In your health journey? What is it you need to do to get to that next level? What is it you are really looking for and what will it take to get you there? In all honesty, I have stalled out this summer. I'm a little disappointed in myself. But now is the time to step it back up. I have three choices. I can give up altogether...shut down the blog and podcast and find a regular job. I can keep doing what I've been doing and not really grow because nothing I have done this summer has sparked that. Or I can keep going and growing. I can start doing things differently that will bring better results. Going back to today's quote....Persistence guarantees that success is inevitable. Keep going. Do what you do and more. Find more ways to get what it is your are looking for. Sit down and brainstorm ideas that will get you to that place. And most importantly, just start. Once you start, more ideas will come to you. The path will start to unfold in front of you. Trust me on this one.

It's hump day! Hope you having a great week so far. Now go on out there and be a badass. You know I'm cheering you on. And by the way...I missed you!

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