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Kindness...it's easy and rewarding!

One of the easiest things we can do to make this world a better place for everyone is to be kind. It's easy and totally free. But seems so elusive, right? People are rude, selfish and impatient. We tend to operate on an every man for himself attitude. But if we all just try to shift this a little, big things could happen. We can be the start of a movement! I'm serious!

The whole goal of "The Hopefulist" is to become the happiest version of you possible. And the happiest version of you will automatically be kinder because you will no longer want to be rude and selfish around others. You will want to give and spread the kind of joy that you feel for yourself. And when you spread joy and kindness that will lead others to do the same.

All this week will focus on what we can do to make this world a kinder, more joyful place. Starting with mean people and how to not be one of them. Remembering the golden rule of treating others the way you would like to be treated. Being the "kind" of friend you would like for yourself, kindness to strangers and how that makes you feel and learning to be more compassionate.

There is always a chance to be kind. Don't let it go by without taking advantage of it! Grab it, share it and dole it out as often as you can! It's Monday! My favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities. Now go take advantage of them! And of course, be badass. I'm right here, cheering you on!

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