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Knock out the Doubt

Day two of a new plan. How's it going for you? They say the first day is always the hardest. Did you make it through? Are you trying to be more healthy? Did you get that workout in? Did you keep your eating plan in tact? It's so easy to push those goals aside for one more day. Am I right?

I'm happy to say I made it through my first day. I only ate in between 9 and 5 and plan to do that for the rest of the week. I even saw a difference on the scale which helps keep my momentum going. But there were moments yesterday that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to stick it out. I usually have a snack around 7:30 pm and my stomach was letting me know it was waiting for it. But I told it to shut up and picked up my book. This is definitely something that is going to take some getting used to. Things are always difficult at first. Hopefully your excitement and will power will get through enough time to see some actual results to keep your momentum moving you forward.

What do we do when doubt creeps in though? Distract yourself. They say cravings last a mere minutes so find something to do while it passes. Get up and put something away that's been sitting on the table. Do those breakfast dishes. Give the bathroom a quick scrub. Or drink a tall glass of water.

This is also the time to go back to the why we came up with for doing what we are doing. When you want to grab that doughnut, remember the dress you want to wear to that wedding. Or the bathing suit you plan to sport this summer. Or how you want to breathe easier when it comes to playing with the kids in your life. Make your reason stronger than the urge for instant gratification. Make what you ultimately want greater than what you want right now.

Doubt is something that creeps in constantly. It's that nagging voice whispering you can't do it. Do all you can to shut that voice up. Tell it off. Show it who is boss and who is badass. That's right...it's you! One thing you can focus on is how much better you likely feel when you are eating right and getting in some activity. You feel good about yourself but your body feels good too. You should feel less sluggish and have more energy. Focus on that. It will help you knock that doubt right out of your head.

Did you write down your why? Do you have it with you at all times? You should. Every time doubt creeps in...pull it out of your pocket and read it. Let it help reinforce the reason you are doing what you're doing. It will help!

It's Tuesday already? I hope you have a doubt free day and stay on track with all your goals. I know you can do it because you are badass. And I'm here, cheering you on!

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