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Learn to Be Still

When it comes to living with intention...we should be setting aside some time to be still to get in touch with our intuition. You know, that gut feeling we sometimes get. When we learn to be still, we can tap into that more often and trust it. Even when we do get a gut feeling we often discount it and don't follow it because we don't trust ourselves enough to follow the feeling. But the more you tap into the silence and get in touch with your true feelings, the more you can be confident in your choices.

I had tried meditation a few years ago and it didn't seem to do much for me. I kept at it for about 6 months so I really gave it a good go. But maybe things were going on that I didn't even realize. Maybe something was happening that I didn't realize because it wasn't long after that I truly started thinking more positively. And honestly, it's so much more rare I go to other people for advice anymore. Especially when it comes to my business. I know what I want to do, basically how I want to go about it and what needs to be done. That's not to say I don't want or need guidance from time to time but I am pretty confident in my plan.

Or maybe sitting in bed first thing in the morning wasn't the best way for me to do it. Maybe I'm better sitting at the beach watching the sunrise or sitting on my deck staring at the water. Did you ever notice how you have your greatest ideas in the shower? Do you realize why that is? It's because you actually have time to think. You aren't distracted by t-v or phones or people demanding your attention (aside from the kids, they don't care where you are.) It's truly a time where you can just let your mind and thoughts flow. And it proves that when you become quiet, you can truly come up with an answer to anything.

This is something you get better at with practice. We shy away from it so much because we hate stillness now. We are used to so much stimulation that when we have a moment with nothing to do we hate it. We feel bored. We scramble to fill the void. Work on not doing that. Practice just letting things flow one into the other. I have short term memory issues. I think one of the reasons is because I don't slow down enough to have these memories solidify in my brain. It's said that it takes 7 seconds for a memory to form. This is explains why I can never remember what happened on my favorite sitcoms. As soon as a commercial comes on, I pick up a book. I can't be bored for 2-3 minutes through a commercial break. I must fill the void. It's so much better if we learn to stop doing this. Just let things be. If you want to watch t-v, dedicate that time to watching. Put the phones, tablets and books away. Let's get back to doing one thing at a time. It's hard, I know. I have to practice what I preach when it comes to this one.

Can you take a little time over the weekend to just be still? To get in touch with your inner self and see what comes up? You may discover things you want to eliminate from your life and things you want to start including. Surround yourself in nature and just let your thoughts flow. It's usually a pretty fascinating process.

Oh, it's a cocktail Friday. How I love thee! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and be safe in whatever you do. Now go out there and be your badass self. You know I'm cheering you on!

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