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Looking forward, not back.

There is a reason the rearview mirror is so small and the windshield is so big. It's so much more important to watch where you are going than to concentrate on what we are leaving behind us. Yet that is exactly what so many of us do in our lives everyday. We operate our daily lives on the belief that this day will be just like all the others of the past. Instead, we need to focus on the type of day we want to have and how we can make it so.

We often get up thinking this Friday will be like all the other Friday's we've experienced. We'll go to work and look forward to the end of the day when we can come home and start the weekend we typically enjoy. Whether that be laying around or going out somewhere with the family or hanging with some friends. But what if we thought about doing something different? What if we want to do something a little outside our comfort zone? Maybe a hike somewhere with a great view. Or starting that exercise regimen. I know, we never start that on a weekend but that doesn't mean we can't or shouldn't. Maybe if we kickstarted a new plan on a weekend we would already have some momentum going into Monday and the new week.

And when Monday rolls around, maybe we can stop thinking that it will be just like all our other Mondays..filled with dread of a whole work week in front of us. Find or start a project at work that will bring some excitement. Figure out something to do at lunch that will give you a little extra to finish your day strong. Whether it be the type of food you eat or going for a walk or eating your lunch at a place with a view. And find things to do after work that brings a little more life to your life. Experiment with new healthy foods for dinner. Make the time to do it properly. Find the joy in making a meal and having something that feeds your body in the way it needs.

This is when some visualization is necessary. Spend some time thinking about how you want your life to look...right now. How different is it from the life you are living? What can you do to make those changes. Then get up everyday and look toward to the life you desire instead of dwelling on the days that have already passed. When we look forward, we move forward. When we keep looking back, we can't move very fast and will likely crash (going back to the rearview mirror analogy). We must make a concerted effort to stop looking at what has already happened and move along in the knowledge that what we have in front of us can be whatever we want it to be.

What parts of your life would you like to keep and what parts to you want to overhaul? Focus on them. Stare out that wide windshield and watch where you are going. Follow the directions you have mapped out and eventually you will get there. But stop looking at that rearview mirror...it's meant to only glance at occasionally. Focus on where you are going. Not where you've been.

It's cocktail Friday y'all! Grab yourself a cold one or a warm one. Speaking of. We did have a bit of snow here yesterday and I made myself a hot chocolate with some peppermint bark rumchata and it was so delicious! It went way to fast though. Have a fantastic weekend and please be safe in whatever you do. Now, go on out there and be badass. You know I'm here, cheering you on.

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