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Love the Process

Here is the thing with finding your passion. In order for it to truly be your passion you have to love the process of making it happen. I think about the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” and how that man was hell bent on becoming a stock broker. He wanted to be a stock broker because he wanted to make a boat load of money…which he did. But did it bring him happiness? Did he enjoy being a stock broker? Did he enjoy the process of becoming a stock broker?

So, it seems I’ve gotten off course as usual. My point is…I am loving the process of building this business. I am loving the work it takes to get things done everyday.

When it comes to figuring out what it is you consider your passion it has to be something you love doing….even if it will never take you anywhere other than personal fulfillment. Do you want to take your culinary skills to the next level and open a restaurant? Then you will have to love the process of opening the restaurant and doing the work everyday to get it open and fulfilling those food orders. You can hire people to help you with the business aspect and all that but you have to love what you are doing or you will lose momentum and focus.

Or is it something more simple like starting a workout routine? Then create a plan that you like. I don’t enjoy running or even power walking. But I do love to bike ride and kayak and I do that often. If I made a plan that included all walking and running I would never do it. You could say my passion is to look good and be healthy but I’m never going to get there by running and walking. There are all types of physical activity. Tennis, golf, bowling….you name it. It doesn’t always get your heart rate up and considered cardio activity but if it gets you moving then you are heading in the right direction.

When it comes to myself…this blog and podcast is so rewarding for me. I love writing and recording everyday. I was devastated when I lost my morning co-host job so the podcast is a way for me to get a little of that in everyday. I am also so enthusiastic about getting my message across to as many people as possible. I am truly a reformed pessimist. My life in the past year has been so much better than most of the years of my life. I know how I made the change and I want to help you do it too. It takes some work but it’s so worth it. I have become one of those annoying people who are happy about everything and truly finds joy in everyday little things. And I KNOW you can be that annoying person too. I love my new annoying self…she is awesome! Does everyone think I’m awesome? Probably not. You know what? I don’t care! I love me and I’m doing me. As you should be doing you and not caring what anyone else thinks. You are the only one who spends 24 hours a day with you and YOU are the only one who can and should make your life the best it can possibly be.

So, it seems I’ve gotten off course as usual. My point is…I am loving the process of building this business. I am loving the work it takes to get things done everyday. I love the writing, I love the recording, I love the research for stories and topics. I don’t love the technical aspect and needing to learn more about the business aspect but I love the meaning behind what I’m doing and it’s worth it to dive into the things that I am uncomfortable with in order to get my message to as many people as I can. My end goal is to make this into a business and make some money. I want this to be my full time job. It will most definitely take time and money before that starts happening. It will take research and going into territory unknown to me. But even more than all that, my true passion is getting my message across. I want to turn every pessimist into a hopefulist. I want hopefulist to become a word that doesn’t come up as a misspelling when I type it. I want everyone to know what it means! And I 100% know I’m going to get to my goal. I’m not sure how yet but I know it will happen. I’m passionate about it! It is MY passion.

Have you put some thought into your passion this week? Did I help you at all figure out what it is that may light you up? Do you need to think about it some more? Do a little more exploring? Keep in mind we are usually good at things we are passionate about. What are you already good at? How much do you like it? Can you squeeze some more of it into your life? Put some thought into it. Figure out what you need to do in order to bring more of it into your life. Do the work it takes to get you where you want to go. It won’t be easy but I promise you it will be worth it.

Now, go have a cocktail…it’s cocktail Friday peeps!

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