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Loving your job

Unfortunately, we don’t all love our jobs. Since we are focusing on changing our perception this week, I hope to show you how you can find parts of your job that you like and focus on those aspects.

At my last position I had a very difficult co-worker. Even though much of my job included interacting with him (live on the radio) I tried to focus on the part of the job I loved. Don’t get me wrong. I complained about him. I complained to those who I thought could do something about it. I would try to clear the air with him from time to time to see if there was a way to make things better. And my poor husband, he got the brunt of those complaints. What I did love is interacting with listeners. Getting their views on topics we were discussing. Writing the news and deciding on information I felt would be most important to the listeners. Finding fun surveys and topics to discuss. Mostly, I loved being a part of listeners daily routine. I loved that I was able to help people get their day started.

So, even though there are parts of your job that you don’t like…is it possible to do as little of those things as possible? Can you get that part of the job done and out of the way first thing so you can focus on the area’s that you do like? Is it the whole job that you hate? Really think about it. Are there no redeeming qualities to what you do every day? If that is the case, maybe you can start with just being grateful that you have a job. That is brings in the money you need to pay your bills and get some of the things you want in this life. Do they have a generous time off package? Can you focus on that? How about the health benefits they provide for you? As expensive as they seem, they would be more if you had to pay for them on your own.

Hopefully you can find something that you enjoy daily at your job. Is there a way to do more of that and less of the other things you don’t like? Can you talk to your boss and see if there is something you can work out? Maybe you can transfer to another department that would be better suited for the both of you?

If that isn’t possible then maybe you can focus on looking for something while you are still bringing in money at your current gig. Do you need to take some classes to do what you ultimately want to do? Can you be grateful that your current job is giving you the money you need to take those classes?

Again, just like everything we have talked about this week…learn to focus on the good instead of the bad. If you can be grateful for your paycheck or even some of the skills you have acquitted you will likely think better about where you are. Or think of it this way….there are people who have been out of work completely for a while so you could just be grateful that you are able to work everyday and provide for yourself and your family? Again, it’s all in the way you look at things. If you focus on everything you hate about your job you will always be miserable. If I ONLY focused on the fact that I had to work with someone so difficult every day I would have been happy when I lost my job. But as you all know, I was devastated because I focused on so much more than him. And you can too. I know you can!

It’s “I wish it were cocktail Friday”, Thursday. So, get ready for the weekend. It’s almost here!

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