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Loving yourself. Yes, you can!

Do you love yourself? Do you think it’s something that is impossible to do? I always have. I have a lot of personality traits that I don’t find very lovable. The thought of actually loving myself has been foreign to me. I still can’t say I love myself but I’m a lot further along than I used to be. If this is an issue for you…I’ve got good news. There are some simple ways you can learn to love yourself…including what you may consider your bad traits.

Are you doing your gratitude journal? If you aren’t…get to it! It’s the core of this who changing your life thing. For this week I would like to change the parameters. I want you to write down three things you love about yourself this week instead of five things you are grateful for. I’m only asking you to do three so it doesn’t seem overwhelming, but they have to be different every day. You can focus on both looks and personality.

I’ll start ~ physical traits

1. I have great hair!

2. I love the color of my eyes.

3. Even though I’ve put on some weight I have great shoulders and good definition around my collarbone.

Personality traits ~

1. Hard worker

2. Determined

3. Funny

I didn’t just scrawl these traits down. It took me a good few minutes to come up with them. So, I know it’s not easy to do which is why I think three a day will be good enough. You can mix and match the physical with the personality or focus on one area per day. It’s totally up to you. But there are things to love about yourself. If you can’t find anything you are looking hard enough. Give it some serious thought. I know there are plenty of things about you that you should love but probably don’t….YET! That is what we are going to change. There is even good in things you probably don’t consider good traits. We will get to all that this week.

There is greatness in you and I want to help you see that. Three things per day instead of your regular gratitude journal. It will definitely help see yourself in a light you don’t usually have on. And it will be great! I can’t wait for you to get started!

It’s Monday! A new week full of possibilities! Let’s make it a great week and get ready to do some work on ourselves. And make today, your best day yet!

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