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Making a plan for success

You see the top of the mountain? You are at the bottom where the steps are. How do you get to the top? With a good plan. Today we'll be talking about making a plan to achieve your goals. This is information is mostly based on the book "Girl, Stop Apologizing" by Rachel Hollis. I found it to be good information to figure out how to get from one point to another. And just like this mountain, there isn't a clear cut straight line to follow when it comes to achieving your goals.

The first thing you need to figure out is where you want to end up. What is the ultimate goal? Next is where you are now. You need to be realistic here and be honest about your current circumstances and how far you need to go. Are you looking to get fit? If you've never run before you won't be able to start out doing 5 miles out of the gate. You need to work up to it. Are you looking to start your own business or side hustle? What do you already have that will help you on that path and what do you still need? How will you get what you need?

This is when the cool part of the plan comes in. You need to do a mind map. This is when you think about every way possible that will take you to your ultimate goal. Write them all down for about 10 minutes. Just write freely and jot down anything that comes to mind. No idea is too simple. Just write it down! Often an idea seems silly or simple but that can often lead to another idea that would work perfectly for you. Back to the fitness example, are you working toward running a marathon or half marathon? How much training do you need in order to make that happen. How long will it take to build up your skill set and stamina to make it those 13 or 26 miles? What will you do every day or weekly to build up to that? These are the things you should be writing down. Be realistic. Don't write down things you aren't likely to stay committed to.

Once you get your mind map down on paper (by the way, it should be totally messy and random looking) start sifting through the ideas. What do you think is the last step before achieving your goal? Put that at the top of a new page. This will be your final mile marker. This is goal map or road map will have three major mile markers that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. The three have to be major items. Such as getting my website done for my new business. Or finding a publisher for the book I want to submit. Or getting 20 miles under my belt in one run before tackling the marathon. Pick the final one first and work backwards. What would the major mile marker before the last one be? And what do you need to do first? Then you start to fill in the in between. Think of it as an actual map. The big ones just show the states. Then when you narrow in you can see the cities, neighborhoods and even streets. You are about to fill in the streets.

After putting your three mile markers down on paper what are the smaller things you need to do in order to get to that mile post? Maybe running for 5 miles non stop? Maybe hiring someone to design that website, then launching it. Maybe getting a formal book proposal together to submit to agents. Start out big and then fill in the roadways. One thing leads to the other.

How does your map look? Does it flow in an orderly fashion? Does it make sense? Is it realistic? Here is the real secret sauce to your mind map. On the other side of it, write down how you will feel accomplishing each step. Envision how your life will be once you get that book written and submitted to an agent. Then how will you feel when you know that a real agent is out there peddling your book to publishing houses? And the ultimate, envision how your life will look once you have your very own book out in the world. How will you feel? Latch on to that and feel that feeling every single day.

How will you feel the first time you run 10 miles without stopping? How proud of yourself will you be? How will you look as you end your run that day? How will you feel when you are soaking in the tub knowing you did it? And how will you feel when you cross the finish line at that marathon? How will you celebrate? What will you think about yourself and your ability to accomplish goals?

Remember to start backwards. What is the very last step before achieving your goal? Then work back from there. What are the major things you need to do to get there along with the smaller things that will take you to the major accomplishments? Once you get your mind map down on paper it will fuel you to do what you should be doing every day. It will help you focus and provide motivation. Put it somewhere you will see it every day and let it fuel your dreams and goals. Now, get to it!

And be a badass about it, like I know you are. I am here, cheering you on.

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