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Memories of Christmas Past

Oh my! This picture brings back so many memories and feelings of comfort. Myself (the littlest on the floor) with my brother and sister on Christmas morning. This is the house I grew up in and I completely forgot about that ashtray stand we had next to my dads recliner. It sure looks like we got a good haul that year. I have my hand on phone while someone got a baby carriage for their dolls. It's so fun to see that my brother has been a loyal Eagles fan for even longer than I remember! And boy, aren't we so cute!?!

Studies show one of the reason we love Christmas so much is because it brings back feelings of joy from our childhood. There was nothing like the anticipation of opening a bundle of gifts on Christmas morning from Santa Claus! Once we got a little bit older my mom would make us wait until 7 am to wake her up to start tearing open those presents. The three of us kids would usually wake up around 3 or 4 and we would play the card game 'War" which is the longest game we knew how to play. Even then we would usually get a couple of games in before 7 am rolled around. It was also the only day of the year we would wake up to find the door that separated the hallway to the bedrooms and the living room closed so we couldn't peek. Of course we usually snuck a peek anyway.

Think back to the excitement you felt as a child. Remember how wondrous the day was. Not only did we get presents but we usually got candy in our stocking and could eat it all day! It was the absolute best! Mom would make a big, traditional southern breakfast of biscuits and gravy. Then we would spend the next few hours just enjoying our new stuff. Playing with toys or games. Trying on new outfits and shoes. Calling your friends to tell them how you made out this year.

After that it was time to get ready for the big Christmas Feast. We hosted that for most of my childhood. My mother's whole family would come for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. And we would get more presents then! Woo hoo! We could show off all our new stuff to our cousins. Then more food! After dinner there would be pie and cookies. It is just the best day ever! Treat it that way again! I know the magic of Christmas comes rushing back when you have kids of your own and you live through their excitement. But if that time has passed, remember back. Remember all the wonderful memories you have made with your family through the years. It's what makes it so special year after year.

Thinking back to your favorite memories while making new ones is what makes this time of year so special. Again, I know this year is different for a lot of us. Wrap yourself in those warm memories and do whatever you can to keep the traditions that are possible.

It's truly the most wonderful time of year. Past, present and future! It's something we can count on. It's something that elicits joy. Memories of the past and hopeful for the future. Believe in the wonder of the season. It's the only way to make the most of it!

Find yourself one thing that wraps you in warm memories and keep at your fingertips. Go to it whenever you are feeling down and it let its power lift you back up. It's 3 days until Christmas! Go on out there and be badass today. I'm cheering you on!

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