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Mid-year check in!

Remember way back on January 1st you promised yourself you would achieve certain things this year. So, how are you doing?

I stopped making New Year Resolutions a number of years back because I rarely made any of them happen which just made me feel bad about myself. Then I started making them again because it occurred to me if I'm not doing what I say I'm going to then maybe I should feel bad about myself. Not that I think you should ever punish yourself or make yourself feel bad but if you aren't doing what you say you will then something is wrong. You are either taking on too much or you are just lazy and not making it happen. (Yes, I said it!)

Here's the thing...life truly is short and we want (or should) so many things before our time is up. We want to live our very best life and be happy as much as possible. Like it or not, that sometimes means we have to put in the work. Nothing comes easy and if it does it usually isn't very worthwhile.

Did you make resolutions this year? Or do you not even bother anymore? Because if you did make resolutions it's time to see how you are coming along in your goals. If you didn't make resolutions it's time to remedy that and set some goals.

Are you saving money? Are you healthier than when the year started? Or you spending more quality time with loved ones? Now that things are finally opening up are you taking advantage of getting out and visiting with people you haven't seen in person in so long? Are you making strides at work or at your business? Are you making more money? Anything you set as a goal in the beginning of the year it's time to assess.

Where are you kicking ass? What are you doing right? How have you gotten there and what do you need to do in order to get even further? Do you want to set a new goal to go even further than you originally thought in the beginning of the year?

In what area are you not doing what you hoped to achieve? Have you made any strides at all? What went wrong? How can you address that? What can you do differently? Are you just not making the time for it? Are you constantly breaking the promises to yourself? It's time to ask these tough questions. Once you figure out where you are going wrong, you can fix it.

If you haven't set any goals this year yet then it's time to do that. Don't wait until January to set goals that will improve your life. Because ultimately that is why we set this goals and resolutions because we want to do things that will make life better. We want to look better, feel better, have things become easier, enjoy life more and be able to do all that we want.

Take a look at the main areas in your life. How are your relationships? With your other half if you have one. With your kids. With the family you grew up with. Co-workers. How are things with your friends? Is there something lacking in any of these relationships? Now is the time to figure out what changes you can make in order to better these relationships.

How is your health? Were you hoping to lose weight and get more fit? Have you done that at all? Are you food planning and prepping? Are you doing a regular workout? Are you getting walks in or some sort of physical activity? These are the things that will help you live longer and more problem free. This is super important so do the hard work and take off some weight, build up some muscle and be able to walk and play easily without losing your breath.

What are you doing with your free time? Is there something you've been wanting to try and haven't done it yet? Now is the time! Stop waiting for the right time. The time is right now. Go for it. Try as many hobbies and activities as you can. Life is short. Have fun!

How is you financial situation? Have you been able to put some money away in an emergency fund? Are you saving for a special vacation or purchase? How is that coming along? Making any progress? Were you hoping to make more money this year? How were you going to go about that? Is there something else you could be doing to make that happen? Is there something you could do on the side that will bring in more cash?

If you haven't asked yourself these questions lately it's time to do so. Remember that setting goals isn't a punishment. It's to live a better life. Yes, that will almost always take work. But it always gets harder before it gets easier. We work our ass off so we can relax a little once we hit our goal. We get in tip top physical shape so we can do more of what we want for as long as we can. So when you don't feel like keeping with your schedule remind yourself of the big picture. Why is it you want to achieve this goal? That should help keep you going.

And yes, you need to do check in's to see how you are coming along. What's going right and what's wrong? Where do you need to change things up? Where are things going exactly as planned and how can you keep that up?

You have this one life. Make the most of it.

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I wish you the best week. Now go on our there and be Badass! I'm always here, cheering you on.

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