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New start...new friends

As we finish up "new beginnings" week, it may be a good time to assess the friendships you have in your life. Are they supportive and there when you need them most? Do they encourage you and add to your life? Or are they always taking and creating drama in your life? Now is the perfect time to figure out who you should keep in your life and the type of people you want to add to your go to group. As one of my favorite songs says; "I hate some fake friends so I had to switch up." from "This is Me".

While you are figuring out who you don't want in your life think about the type of people you do want in your life. You should be surrounding yourself people who are where you are looking to go. People that will bring you up and show you how it's done. People that you admire and want to learn from. You are a result of the people you spend your time with. If you are hanging out with people who are miserable and complaining all the time they will bring you down. You want to be around people who lift you up and will bring you up to their level.

It's always a tough decision when you feel like you should remove someone from your life. You may feel guilty about it but remember this is your one life and you want to be around people who add to your life...not take away from it. Some people have so much drama surrounding them and they like it that way so there is no getting away from it when you are around them. If you have had some conversations about how to help someone and they never take your advice, it may be time to move on. It's fine if they don't want to do anything to change their situation but that doesn't mean you have to get stuck in it.

Now is the perfect time to seek out some new friends. Back to school time when you can meet new parents. People have settled down after summer vacations and may be more available to get together. You can meet new friends through current friends, at work, at the gym or go to Facebook. There are all types of community groups on facebook and suggest some type of gathering or club. One woman suggested a book club about two years ago and it has over 90 members in it. Some of us from that group have sectioned off into other groups. We have a smaller book club that meets earlier than the original one. We also have a game night group where we get together once a month for some games. And we do all sorts of things together now. Going to Broadway shows, comedy night at an area theater, a night on a sunset cruise. And we get together at each others homes for any occasion that may come along. If there isn't a group like that in your community that you know about then suggest one.

There are plenty of people that are still looking for some good eggs to add to their life. Look for them. Put a little effort into it. Friends can contribute so much to your life. Just look around at some people you may want to be closer to. Invite them for a cup of coffee. A drink after work. A play date with the kids. If they don't seem interested then move onto someone else. There are plenty of people who would want someone as wonderful as you in their life.

It is cocktail Friday. We made it to the freakin weekend! Hope it is fantastic and be safe in whatever you do. And while you are going about your business this weekend see if there is anyone you may to pursue a friendship with. Now, go make it your best day yet.

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