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No Excuses!

Right? We tend to do that don't we? We do a little bit of what is required for a certain goal and get upset when we don't see results. Because we want it all and we want it now! And mostly we don't want to have to suffer because of it. That is what keeps us from most of our goals and dreams. We don't want to do the hard stuff. But it's the hard stuff that gets us where we want to go. So, we have to recognize our excuses and get past them. We have to figure out when something is really standing in our way or when we are just looking for a scapegoat. And when we do come upon a real barrier, we need to figure out a way around it ahead of time so we are ready when we face it.

I'm convinced that one of the major keys of a satisfying life is planning. It goes for any and every aspect of life. You want to achieve a goal, map it out. What are the steps? Start at the end and go backwards. What are the steps you have to take? What will happen when you encounter resistance? Plan for it and how you will respond to it. Because everything is not going to go your way. And if it somehow miraculously does, good for you. It's still better to have a plan and not need than to not have a plan when it's called for. When you are mapping out your plan....ask yourself what are the things that could go wrong or stand in your way? I'm not saying you shouldn't be optimistic and thinking positive but you need to be prepared if things go wrong. Or you will become disheartened if you don't have a plan on how to handle challenges. Plan, plan, plan.

Figure out the excuses you are using to get past the hard things you struggle with. Are you trying to eat more healthy but you can't stop hitting the vending machine at work? If you know that is an issue plan to bring a healthy snack to work with you. One of the most dangerous things people who are looking to lose weight do is to not plan properly. For example, I would go to an all day work event and tell myself that I wasn't going to eat until I got home. That was unreasonable. Of course I was going to get hungry. And when I saw everyone around me getting fast food and things that wouldn't help my weight loss plan I would just give in and buy some crap food. BUT I had planned for the fact that I would get hungry and bring a nutritious lunch along with a good snack or two I would be much more likely to stay on course. This is why you should never grocery shop when you are hungry. You don't make good decisions in that state and everything looks delicious! And make a list...and stick to it. Keep away from the impulse purchases.

The best way to combat excuses is to focus on the success you already have. No matter, how small. Did you get through the day without a Little Debbie? That is something that can be tough for me sometimes! Did you get a quick walk in? Pat yourself on the back. Write it down on a post it note and put it somewhere stating that you can do it! You just proved it! That will hopefully give you a little momentum to keep going. One of the reasons I keep up with my workouts is because I am lucky enough to still see the results of my work in the past. Every time I get up from my pub sized chair I can see the outline of toning along my thigh. My calves are the thinnest I've seen them in years. I'm pretty happy with the way my arms and upper body looks. And I know, if I don't keep up my workouts, all that will go away. It's funny because at the start of this year I gave up carbs, sweets and alcohol for 30 days. I didn't lose a ton of weight but it reshaped my body. I was also kicking up my workouts a notch. Then when I sprained my ankle and started missing my workouts I noticed that something was changing...and not in a good way. I recently started noticing more cellulite on my legs. And I hadn't even really realized that it had minimized until it started to come back. So now I'm obsessed with getting my leg workouts in so I can get rid of it again. That's why you need to start now. You need to get some success under your belt to spur you forward. Success is whatever you deem it to be! So don't expect too much too fast.

What are some of the excuses you tell yourself? What are those excuses doing for you? What are you getting out of them? Is the comfort of the excused behavior more beneficial than the goal you are trying to achieve? Probably not. So get going, get doing. Stop the excuses. You are in control! Now get on out there and be a badass. You know I'm cheering you on!

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