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Once you do what you fear, it has no power over you.

Fear...it can be absolutely paralyzing. That is where I have been lately. I have been working on releasing a course that will help you find more happiness in your life by sharing my story and telling you what made the biggest impact on my life. I have been putting off this work every single step of the way. From recording the videos to creating the workbooks and doing the back end stuff that needs to be done to make them available and take payments. I have struggled with each part of this. I have had to force myself to do each one. I have put it off day after day because I'm afraid. I'm afraid that the videos will suck. I'm afraid that the workbook won't be good enough. I'm afraid that no one will be interested. I'm afraid that people won't find it helpful. I'm also afraid people will judge me for taking payment after giving away so much content for free. So, I push myself. Not as hard as I should be but I'm getting there. I had a set a date of last Tuesday to have this course out in the world. But it's not there yet. It's almost ready. But I'm still holding back. At this point, I only have to upload a few more videos which is really easy. That is more about laziness than fear! But I am ready to launch. And once I do, my greatest fears may come true. No one will want it. No one will value it. No one will think it's worth the money. And then I won't be able to make money at this business which I have been banking on for over a year now.

In essence, I am just delaying the inevitable. The course will do.... how it will do. I will never find out if I don't launch it though. I told my husband when he came home one day this week that I still didn't get my videos ready because I'm afraid. He suggested I listen to this podcast he likes called "The Hopefulist". She really knows how to lift you up. Haha! Yes, here is me not taking my own advice. Letting something stand in the way of my dream is not what I tell you to do. So, even though I'm still scared and I'm going slower than I would have liked...I'm doing it anyway. I have to. My new favorite mantra, I can, I will, I must.

This is what you have to do as well. Just start doing it. It takes away the fear. It really does. I've gone through this with so many things in the past year. Working out tech issues and delving into parts of social media I never had to work with before. Creating a podcast every day. Developing new pages on my own website. I didn't know how to do any of this stuff. But once I just did it, it wasn't so scary anymore. I didn't die. I didn't even come close. When I didn't know how to do something, I asked for help. And when I learned how to do it I felt so freaking good!

The biggest way to get out from under that fear is to just do it. That's right...just do it! And you will find out it isn't nearly as scary as you thought it would be. (Except those darn ferris wheels. I give up on those and am okay with it!) You will likely even laugh at yourself so being so scared to begin with. Just keep challenging those fears and soon you won't be afraid of anything. Because you know you can handle anything that comes your way.

It's Tuesday! Grab a taco. Go be your badass self...as always, I'm cheering you on!

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