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Own it! Love yourself out loud!

What do you love about yourself? What a question right? Even if we do have things we love about ourselves we are often afraid to say it. We don’t want to come off as boasting or conceited. Because women who own their shit are often considered full of themselves, pompous and arrogant. I’m here to say, who cares what people say? As long as you aren’t really pompous, I want you to own what you love about yourself. Because isn’t it hard enough to find things we love about ourselves but when we do, we are encouraged to not say them out loud. To not brag about them. I’m going to turn that practice around. I want you to shout out what you love (when appropriate…lol) and take pride in yourself.

What do you already love about yourself? I hope there are at least a couple of things that come to mind immediately. Whether it be physical or personality traits. I have great hair. I’ve always had great hair. I didn’t have anything to do with the way it grows, the texture and consistency of it but I do take credit for how it looks on a daily basis. I do what I can to enhance the look I’m trying to achieve. I try to take care of it to keep it healthy and full. I didn’t always love my hair though. I used to loathe my curls. In the old adage, you always want what you don’t have, I wanted my hair to be poker straight. I used to try to do everything I could to straighten it but it always looked frizzed out. So, I finally decided to embrace my curls. And now I love them. They don’t always cooperate and do what I tell them to but we have learned to get along.

One thing about myself that I have always loved is something else that had absolutely nothing to with me. The color of my eyes. I was just born with them. But they are a pretty amazing color. We tend to not want to take credit for things we had nothing to do with but why should we downplay our natural blessings. What is the point in having them if we can’t take pride in them? So, own those eyes, play them up. Show them off. Make them your showpiece.

It’s the same with our personality traits. Some are passed down and some are just us. It often takes a while to figure out which is which but focus on those traits that you love and find some good in the ones that you don’t love but are still a big part of who you are. We are who we are but there is always room for improvement. Always stay open to learning and growing. But stop, and I mean stop right now, not owning what you love about yourself. I will go so far to say that you may even be afraid to say them to yourself. Or is it just me? Tell yourself all the time what you love about yourself. Be proud. Own it. Be it. Now, say it with me….This is Me! No apologies.

It is finally cocktail Friday y’all! Woo hoo for the freaking weekend. I hope you have a fantastic one and be safe in whatever you do. Now, be a badass and go make today, your best day yet!

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