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Park that excuse caboose!

One of the biggest obstacles when trying to achieve our goals or form new habits is ourselves. We come up with all types of excuses to go off course and let ourselves off the hook. This time will be different though. Know why? Because we are going anticipate our excuses and prepare for them.

I think we've all been there when trying to lose weight. We start out all gung ho and a couple of weeks or days in we are hungry! We miss our favorite foods and we start coming up with excuses as to why this won't work. We tell ourselves that we've tried to lose weight so many times what makes us think we will do it this time, then use that as an excuse to step away from our healthy eating. Or we see a brownie at work and tell ourselves that we deserve it. And it may not be so bad if we just eat a piece of the brownie but we eat the whole thing. And if you are anything like me, once I do what I consider 'blowing it' I give in and eat everything I can get my hands on. This has been a life long struggle for me. It's actually very frustrating that I still haven't overcome this BUT at the same time, I have gotten much better in a lot of aspects. I don't go as crazy as I used to. Sometimes I still eat foods that aren't on my plan but don't eat massive amounts like I used to in the past. Any progress is progress and we need to credit ourselves for that.

If you worry you won't get your gratitude journal in because you become easily distracted do it somewhere you can't be distracted. Put it next to your bed so you did it last thing at night or first thing in the morning. If you want to start a personal growth reading habit then take your book to any area where you won't be tempted to check social media. Hopefully a time when the kids won't be screaming for your attention. When scheduling such a time figure out the best time with the least interruptions and do it then. Go out to your car if you have to.

We also need to change some of that horrible self talk we engage in when we are on the brink of giving up on a goal. Like, telling ourselves that we don't really care about getting in shape. Of course you do! You are looking for an excuse. Instead, tell yourself that you love your body and all it does for you and how you want it to be the best it can be. If you are trying to start a daily meditation practice and tell yourself that you did it yesterday and once in awhile is still good. Remind yourself that isn't just about a habit. It's about being in charge of your life and happiness, and the way you show up in the world. We often tell ourselves that we haven't been successful at this goal in the past. So tell yourself instead that was just practice and it's for real this time!

Take some time to write down all the excuses you will likely come up with to sabotage your own goals and come up with a way to combat them. Think of every possible scenario. It's the best way to save ourselves from ourselves. Good luck!

It's Fr-yay! Yay! Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Take some time to refresh and celebrate the progress you've made so far. Be safe. And of course, be badass as I know you can be. I'll be right here, cheering you on!

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