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Patience - behaviors to adopt

Another tough one for me. They say you develop more patience when you have children. Guess what? I never had children! I am not a patient person….by any means. My husband loves to smoke his food. He’s got a monster grill that he loves to spend 6 to 12 hours cooking with depending on the meal. Twelve hours? I get annoyed waiting 6 minutes for my microwave dinner to heat up! I have gotten more calm and able to roll with the times a little better recently with the work I have done on myself and a little medication.

But being impatient is another behavior that doesn’t serve us well. First, it rushes us through life. Why the big hurry? I don’t really know but I must get to where I’m going as quickly as possible and spend the least amount of time possible waiting for anything. Why can’t we just enjoy the ride? Stuck in traffic? Take in the scenery. Check out other cars and watch people on the sly. Turn the music (or podcast) up and relax. You will get to where you are going. It’s not the end of the world.

I posted a picture of my Gerber daisies. Today is June 17 and I’m finally getting some play out of these stubborn little flowers. I don’t have a green thumb. I kill most things I try to grow but the Gerber daisies have always been my superstars. I’ve had great luck with them the past few years. So, I went out on May 3rd (I remember the date specifically because a friend was visiting and she was at the house when Joe and I replanted them) and bought four little plants to put in a big pot all together. Usually I would just buy them and keep them in the pot they came in but this time I replanted the four in a big pot I had purchased. Well, they quickly died off and no blossoms were popping up. Hmmm….did I mess up thinking I could actually replant something? Serves me and my black thumb right. Who do I think I am trying to put a whole bunch of flowers together, adding dirt and expecting them to grow? A freaking gardener? The leaves looked pretty good but there were no flowers growing. So, I kept watering them and asking them where the heck the blossoms were and telling it I was waiting for them.  They took their good old sweet time, but they finally started popping up. And as I look down between the leaves, I see a ton of them are on their way. My superstars are back! Took long enough but I didn’t give up. I gave them food, water, lots of love and they finally delivered. I was patient! The fruits of my labor now abound! And do you know how much more I enjoy and appreciate these flowers now? So much more than if they would have just performed right away (like they are supposed to!) But I kept at it and waited. And finally I am getting what I worked so hard for…beautiful flowers that should last through autumn.

This is just one example. We need to learn patience. It helps us enjoy the ride a little bit more. It gives us something to look forward to. It grounds us a little bit and lets us know we are not always in control. Sometimes we have to roll with it and follow along someone else’s timeline. And that’s okay.

It’s a Taco Tuesday! Now, go have your best day yet!

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