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Pump up the gratitude!

This is the time to focus on every positive you can find. We're all feeling a little uneasy with the state of the world so let's look at our immediate world and feel gratitude for it. This is the time to strip it down to the basics. Be grateful for all the things we usually take for granted. Our house, a hot shower, fresh coffee in the morning, the ability to take a nice long walk. Seriously, take notice of all these things. Be thankful for them. Some people are in danger of losing where they live. Or they could be if this keeps up for an extended period of time. There are so many people who are out of work completely. Find the joy where you can and while you can.

Meanwhile, do some soul searching as to how you can move forward in a positive way. Are you one of the people now out of work? Is there something you can at home that can bring in some money? Is there a hobby of yours that could potentially be sold online? Do you have any ideas of something that could potentially help others during this time? Put some thought into it? How can you bring it to the masses? I will tell you again, that until one year ago I had no interest in building my own business. I lost my job and that spurred this whole thing for me. Running my own business or even being in charge is something I was never interested in. But not only am I loving what I do now but I feel this is what I am meant to do. So don't rule anything out.

But take in the gratitude. Boil it down to the most basic form. I went outside with the dog yesterday to keep on eye on her while she went potty. I was standing on the deck. It was warmer than I expected and the sun was out. I just looked up and let the sun warm my face. I breathed in deeply and savored the moment. It was a nice moment. Take the time to indulge in things like this. If not now, when?

Go on tik tok. Seriously, there are some really funny things people are doing on there. Bring all the laughs you can into your life right now. Watch funny movies, comedy shows, check out funny gifs on Facebook. It's better to laugh than cry. Bring as much joy into your life as possible. Are you spending more time at home? Experiment with some meals you usually don't cook. See what you can come up with. Some of my favorite recipes are ones that I doctored with my own spin.

This is the time to indulge and do the things you normally don't have time to do. Read a good book. Pick one of the ones we discussed earlier in the podcast. Or reread a favorite. We all have plenty of time right now. Well, most of us. Musicians are starting to post themselves singing for us for free. Check out one of your favorites. Take whatever joy you can and run with it. It's too easy to feel scared, worried and have fear of the unknown. Fight against it. Find the joy. Do whatever you can to bring a smile to your own face and those that you love. I'll say it again...have a dance party! It may seem silly but I bet you'll all laugh your butts off. Don't take life so seriously. Have a little fun. Now, more than ever.

It's hump day people. Let's get out there and some serious fun today. And as always, make today...your best day yet!

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