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Redefine your definition of joy!

I had put a Facebook post up a few years ago that stated…do something that brings you joy every day. The responses I got from that post were something like this…as if I have that kind of time, yeah…if only, must be nice to be able to do that. And more of the like. Here is the thing, what is it you think brings you joy? Is it only a beach vacation or buying a new car? If that is the case, you’re right…you won’t ever be able to feel joy every day. But if you redefine what brings you joy, you can incorporate more of it into your life.

I’m going to tell you a big secret. I’m going to tell you one thing that brings me joy almost every single day. Are you ready? Bath and Body works. Yes, something so simple. Something so inexpensive (relatively speaking) and something easily available each and every day. In fact, it was one morning of me slathering on my favorite scented body scrub that inspired that Facebook post to begin with. I was using it and relishing the indulgence of the scent and how it made my legs so dewy soft. It honestly made me so happy to have something so simple bring me so much joy. I thought to myself if I can get this much happiness from something simple, I hope others can as well.

But alas my post was met with much cynicism. It made me realize it isn’t the lack of joy that is the problem, it’s our very own definition of joy. Maybe that is what needs to be addressed. I know joy is a big word that elicits images of pure happiness. I think we somehow started to believe we had to feel joy for long periods of time for it to be effective. I’m here to tell you that isn’t true. Joy can be small moments throughout the day. That first cup of coffee. Wearing our favorite outfit to work. Getting a compliment from someone in the elevator. A word of praise from our boss. Watching your dog as he/she plays. The opportunity to sit back after dinner in your favorite spot to watch a little t-v. I think the real problem is we discount these moments and don’t give them enough credit. Am I using the term joy a little too loosely? Maybe, but I feel joy throughout my day. Can you say the same? If the answer is no then I hope you consider redefining the word joy for yourself.

You can add all kinds of things that will I consider little indulges that bring you joy on a daily basis. Scented candles, a hot cup of something while watching the fireplace (hopefully they will be a fire in it!), your favorite meal for dinner, snuggling with your pet, just being and appreciating your home and all that you have built. Dumb it down a little and you realize these things aren’t dumb at all. It’s taking joy in the small things that make happiness in life seem much bigger. Just pay attention to what you enjoy throughout the day. Take away the first two letters and you are now doing things that you joy through the day. It’s such a subtle difference but one that will make a huge impact on how you see your life.

It is hump day! Put a little thought into what you enjoy on a daily basis and how you can look at that as pure joy. What simple things can you add that will honestly bring you more joy? Do it, start now! And make today, your best day yet.

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