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Remember Your Why

We've been focusing on Persistence this month. It can be really tough to make changes and then stick to them. There is so much comfort in just doing things the way we've always done them. It's easy. It's normal. It's not stressful. That's why so many of us give up on our goals and go back to the status quo.

As I was talking about last week with my lack of action when it comes to the business plan of 'The Hopefulist'. For the last three years I have done a podcast, written blogs, done countless social media posts and all of that is great. It's inspirational and promotes positivity. It gives you as a viewer a little burst of inspiration or motivation. But it takes more than that to make real change in your life. It's like when you read those personal development books but don't do what they actually ask you to do. Answering all the questions, doing the journaling and the exercises they ask of you. Because that is what I did for years. I bought book after book and they gave me momentary motivation. But it didn't last because I didn't actually do the work. And honestly that is what most people do. Are you guilty of it? Yeah, it's okay. It's even normal. But it won't get you where you want to go. It won't cause lasting change in your life.

I feel my purpose (at this point) is to help others discover the things that made a difference in my life. I want to help others do the same thing so they can live their lives to the fullest. I want people to wake up with excitement for the day instead of dread. I've been in both scenario's and excitement is a better way to wake up. But in order to help people discover the difference and what it takes I need to help people on a personal level. I have to come up with the programs I've been thinking about for years and finally get them out there to you. I know what made the difference for me and I think it will work for you too.

So what is the problem? I've got a million ideas on what to do next. I am constantly brainstorming and coming up with new plans. But I never decide on one and follow through. I'm stuck in analysis paralysis. And I need to break out of it. It's time to make a decision and follow through with a program. And even if it turns out to be the wrong program then I can put that in the "didn't work" list. I will have eliminated something that isn't beneficial for my business.

But what it comes to down to is my why. The reason I continue to do this after three years of minimal success. I have told you guys all this time that I will never give up on this dream and I will never will. I just have to get more tactical about it. I must try more things to see if they work or if they don't. Because MY WHY is to help as many people change their lives for the better as possible. I'm 'The Hopefulist' and that means I am hopeful that life can be great. It can be better than it is now.

So what is you've been trying to do? What is your why for doing it? When you start to feel like you are stuck and not getting anywhere you have to remember this why and let it propel you to keep going. That's why it's so important to have a why. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it because you want to live longer and have more energy to play with the grandkids? Is it because you want to look good in your bathing suit? Is it because you want to look fantastic at your daughters wedding? They 'why' doesn't matter. It just has to have importance to you. It doesn't have to be life changing in any way. It can be something simple. But you need a 'why' and a plan on how you will get to your goal. And you need a date for achieving that goal. Because if there isn't a timeline it's just a dream, not a goal.

What is it you've been putting off? Why do you think you've been hesitating or not making it the priority you would like it to be? Examine the reasons you think are holding you back. Make a new plan or recommit to the old plan and remember your 'why'. It will motivate you to keep up the work you need to do to get where you are going. Because you will get there. You are worth the work it takes. Embrace the struggle and get that shit done. And keep the Faith. It will always be worth it.

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Much more is coming as I am turning a million ideas into actionable plans. Big things are coming so stay tuned. And never give up on yourself. You deserve everything you desire. And you can achieve it. You just have to do the work. And I know you can.

Now go out there and be badass this week. I'm always here cheering you on!

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