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As we wrap up our focus on gratitude this week, one of the things that has served me well has been putting reminders of what I am grateful for all around me. I take tons of pictures of my favorite moments in life. Like the one above. We were offered an evening boat ride by our neighbor and if you know me, I dropped what I was doing and said...I'll be right over. When you get an opportunity to do one of your favorite things, drop what you are doing (if you can) and take advantage. Life really is short, do what you love as often as you can.

We talked about our favorite summer activities earlier and boating is by far my absolute favorite. When I get out on the open water, I sit back and let the breeze wash over me while watching the waves of the water. I take it all in so I can remember and remind myself of it later. What's great about reminders is it's a way to relive the experience. I take a picture that I took in that moment and use it for something like the background for today's topic. I get to relive the moment I took this picture. How happy and content I felt. How happy my girl, Tucker was sitting on my lap taking it all in as well. I got some pictures of her on the boat as well to remind me of how happy she was in that moment.

This is also why you find that older people are surrounded by pictures of their loved ones. They want to be around the things they love most and when they can't...they use pictures as reminders. There are all types of things you can do to remind yourself of the things you love and are grateful for. I love the shore and am lucky to call the area my home. I have decorated my house with pictures of landmarks of my favorite spots around where I live. If you are familiar with LBI, you may remember the shack that was along the causeway bridge a you go onto the island. It unfortunately was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy but it was such a huge representation of the island for many years. I have a professional picture of it that I purchased years ago hanging in my home. I also have maps of the entire island and some hangings that I made with coordinates of my home and of course, everything has a nautical lean to it. It's what makes me happy and seeing the reminders make me almost as happy.

What is it that you love and want to do more of? Do you have a favorite concert that you went to? Hopefully you have a picture of the event. Print it out and hang it somewhere to remind you of how great that experience was but also to remind you that you should do it more often. Is there a certain place that you love and have fond memories when you think of about that place? Put a picture up to see often. Was there a particular time period in your life that was so fun and full of happiness? What was it about that time that made it so special? What picture can you use to represent that time? What can you do now to bring a little of that time back to you?

Fill your home and areas at work with your favorite things. Things that will remind you of your best times times so you can remember to do more of them. These are all simple things, we just get so busy we forget to include more of the things we love in our lives. These reminders will help you do that. I hope they will for you as they have for me.

It's Monday! My favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities. Go out there and be your badass self. I'm cheering you on!

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