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Resiliency - How to bounce back

Oh, it's a brand new month and brand new focus. All this month we will focus on Persistence! With a capital P! Persistence is the only way you will get where you are looking to go. It's the only way your dreams will come true. It's the ability to keep going when the going gets tough. It's showing up everyday and doing the work even when you feel like you're not making any progress. Even after you have a failure. Even though you don't feel like it.

I thought it would be appropriate to talk about resiliency first as we have all been thrown a monkey into our midst this year. We've all been affected by Covid in one way or another. It's been tough adjusting to the new normal and we don't know if things will ever truly go back to the way they were. We are spending a lot more time at home. And we are trying to figure out how to be okay with that. This is when I always say I'm glad we splurged and bought our dream house. We had to make a lot of sacrifices to afford this place but when it comes to being in quarantine I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. My mother used to say don't be house poor. Well, we are but our house is awesome so I'm cool with that. But back to resiliency....it's the ability to bounce back. It's when you know you can keep moving forward regardless of what is going on. It's knowing that you can pivot and switch things up when you need to.

I know that sometimes it feels like your world turns upside down. Sometimes it actually does. You may have lost your job, started working from home or had to start homeschool for one or more kids. Your whole lifestyle may have changed because of what is happening in the world right now. We still can't eat inside a restaurant in New Jersey! A lot of my friends around here stop off at the local watering hole on the way home from work. They haven't been able to do that since March. It's been a big change for a long time. I would venture to say that we have all adjusted at this point and we may never go back to our old routine. As I mentioned before...I'm in no rush to get back to the gym. I have figured out how to get a workout in at home. And I actually prefer it that way. But what are some of the things you've had to adjust to that you don't like? What can you do to make up for that or what can you do instead of your old normal? What types of things used to soothe you outside the home that can now be done inside the home? How about a nice, warm bath in the evening? Or a cup of sleepy time tea before bed? Are you are Zoomer? A lot of people are now gathering virtually and while it's not the same it's better than nothing?

Maybe this has really affected the type of work you do. It's been particularly bad servers, bartenders, food service workers and gym employees. Is there a way you can pivot and change up what you offer? If you were working at a gym can you devise a home workout plan and start offering it to people online? If you are a server, what type of food did you serve? Is it something that you can experiment with on your own and figure out a way to sell it? Or maybe you hav a particular way that you mix drinks that is entertaining. You can teach that online! When it comes to food service, how about offering to grocery shop for people in your neighborhood? These are all of the top of my head but if you really put some effort into brainstorming you can come up with all kinds of options. Just think about what you have to offer and how you can get it out into the world.

Change sucks most of the time. We usually dread it and fight it but it will come. Change is inevitable. If you are anticipating change, then you will likely be left behind. You have to be able to adapt. It's not always easy but it is necessary. And I happen to know you can do anything you set your mind to. So, it's Monday...my favorite day after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So go take advantage of those opportunities and possibilities and be your badass self. You know I'm cheering you on!

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