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I saw a new study that shows people who are always running late are healthier, happier and live longer. The article goes on to say that those late people often operate with a sense of calm that could add years to their life. The interesting thing is the article then switches topics completely (in my opinion) to how research found that an optimist outlook early in life can predict better health a lower rate of death. Here is my question…what the hell does being consistently late have to do with being an optimist. There was no correlation between the two things mentioned in the article. It seems like they are excusing this bad behavior in an attempt to justify it. Sorry, if you are always late, then you are always rude.

This is a big pet peeve of mine and it’s something that is so rampant I find it infuriating. I’m not talking about getting stuck in traffic unexpectedly or an emergency that requires attention. I’m talking about people who are always 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or even later. This is what I would like to know from such people…why is it you feel your time is more important than mine? Because that is most definitely the message you are sending me. Get off your butt and get ready to go a little earlier. It’s that simple. And this one doesn’t fall into the “it’s simple, but not easy” category. This one is simple and easy.

What bothers me even more are studies that come out saying that lateness is good for your health. WHAT??? If you are calm while you are running late than you are even more rude than I thought. In the rare times I am running late I am so panicked because I hate being late and I’m rushing like a maniac. I think it really proves my point even further that you clearly don’t care about other people’s time if you aren’t even upset to be late.

To me, there is no excuse for consistent lateness. You are sending a clear signal that you don’t give a crap about my time. Enough said, I have an appointment I can’t be late for!

In spite of my rant, it is a feel-good Friday. We are enjoying all the moments of today. We are going to relish the hot water showering on us this morning. Enjoy a nice, healthy breakfast and a favorite for lunch. Say hello to all your co-workers and smile. It’s contagious! When quitting time comes listen to something fun for the ride home knowing you can have a few days to yourself before having to head back to work.

Happy Cocktail Friday y’all! It’s the freaking weekend so do it up right. Maybe start decorating that Christmas tree???? Whatever you do, make it fantastic, be safe and be on time! Now, go make it your best day yet.

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