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Routine can be good!

I've been doing a little too much of this...and not enough work. It's tough for me because I work from home and am my own boss. I always make sure to get my podcast and blog everyday (almost!). After that though I have been majorly slacking. I think there are a couple of things going on with me. With the pandemic, we aren't getting in our typical social situations so maybe I'm soothing myself with lot's of free time in the sunshine. It was such a cool, miserable spring that I want to make sure I take advantage of all the nice days I can. Or maybe as my husband pointed out, maybe I'm just tired of working really hard without seeing any financial results. It could be any or all of those things. But I do have to find a way to get my butt in gear...that is for sure!

When it comes to having a productive day I think routine is key. It's so much easier to stick with a routine that you are used to than to try to wing it. This is where a daily planner comes in handy as well. Write down the things you want to accomplish each day and that will help keep you on task. Don't take on too much either because that will set you up for failure. You should also put off tasks that will suck up all your time. Such as email. We all tend to be attached to our accounts all day but once you start responding to emails you are typically working on other people's agenda. So limit your access to it. Check it an hour after you get to work after you have set your intentions for the day and prioritized your actions. And check again after lunch and maybe again before you go home.

If you are anything like me you tend to put off the things you don't want to do. What happens if you end up getting much less done because you keep putting off what you don't want to do. My course of action in this situation is to tackle the things I don't enjoy first. Get them out of the way. They have to be done so just do it. Stop torturing yourself and get it done. Not only will it be out of the way but you will no longer be torturing yourself with the dread of doing the task.

Like it or not, there are things we have to do that we don't enjoy. Cleaning, food shopping, doing laundry. But it still has to be done. So get it out of the way and move on with your day. Isn't it the greatest feeling when a difficult or annoying task is done? So, get it done. It will give you momentum to keep going and ticking more things off your list. And then you can end the day with a bunch of check marks next to your t0-do list. Just get her done!

It's hump day already! What tasks can you do first thing to get out the way? Just do it. Go on out there today and be your badass self. You know I'm cheering you on!

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