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Schedule the fun!

When it comes to living with intention, we need to schedule the things we love into our lives. We tend to write down all the things we need to do. Get to the dry cleaners, grocery shopping, cleaning the house and especially deadlines and things we need to do for work. We even schedule our vacations. The time when we look forward to unplugging and doing our very favorite things. Why is it we don't take the time to schedule the things we love on a daily basis? Why do we feel like it's indulgent to do something daily that we enjoy but it's okay to spend a massive amount of time and money on a vacation? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Shouldn't we putting more time and money into the things we can enjoy every day rather than one week a year?

It's usually such small things that bring joy into our lives on a regular basis and that is why it's even more baffling that we don't make more time for it. It's truly the smallest things that make up a great day. Your favorite coffee, lighting a scented candle, sitting outside and taking in nature, or a warm bath. We often brush these things off because we consider them frivolous. How did we get this idea that enjoying life is frivolous? We need to make more time for the things we love and not feel guilty about it. If people judge you for wanting to live a happy life, let them. I have learned over the years that people will judge you no matter what you do so you may as well do what makes you happiest. So make sure you have time to do those things!

Even if we do have time we often don't indulge in our favorite things. Sometimes the things we want to do seem like a lot of trouble. I point to a warm bath as my favorite example. It's a pain. You have to fill the tub, find the perfect temperature, dig out the bath salts and then slide in slowly to adjust to the water. But what would you be doing instead? Watching t-v? I know a lot of people like t-v to unwind but I'm pretty sure a warm bath is more relaxing. I've talked before about how much I love to float in the lagoon outside my house. I sit in a big inner tube and just float while the boats go by. It's amazing! But I do have to go get the ladder, tie up the float and it's usually a funny sight watching me trying to get in that tube gracefully (it can't be done!) It's a little bit of trouble, but so worth it. I love to just float and let my thoughts wander. Or just focus on how relaxed I feel. Take in my surroundings and count my blessings.

Often we just can't be bothered to do our favorite things because we deem them too much trouble. Be bothered! This was my mantra for awhile once I realized I didn't do many things because I labeled them more trouble than their worth. It's not true. It's always worth any trouble it takes to do the things we love. We just need to make the time for them and go through the trouble. Think about some of your favorite things to do....I bet they all have some degree of work to get to the actual task. Do you love going to live sporting events and concerts? Okay, me too! First you have to get the tickets. Then you have to make plans to get there and time your day accordingly. Then you have to park and walk to the venue. Then you pay ridiculous prices for food and drinks and then....we wait. Seem like a little trouble involved? But you don't typically think of it like that. It's the same with doing your favorite activities. Do you like to fish? Gather up all that tackle, your rods, get the bait, then get to your favorite waterway and sit. Do you like skiing? I won't even get into how much trouble that seems like yet people do it all the time. Most things worthwhile will be a little trouble in order to get to the main event. If you just like to listen to music, light candles or sit out in your yard, you. are way ahead than most! Take the time to do the simple things that you enjoy! And the not so simple things that you enjoy.

Can you commit to writing down one thing a day that you enjoy and schedule into your day? It can be anything as long as it brings you joy. I've mentioned many times how much I love the body scrub that I use in the shower everyday. That counts! The simpler, the better. But make time for the bigger things as well. The people who enjoy life most take the time to do the things they enjoy! We know this but yet we don't follow it. Start now! Do something you love today!

It's Monday! My favorite day of the week after Friday, Saturday and Sunday! A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities. Now go make the most of them and be your badass self. You know I'm cheering you on!

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