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Screw up that Courage!

This is a picture of my siblings on a recent trip out west. We saw some little kids pose up on the rocks and we all jumped up after, forgetting we are in our 50's! I posted the picture on Facebook and one my friends said, "you are brave". A funny aside, a cousin on my mom's side of the family said she could actually hear my mom yelling, "you kids get down from there right now." The awesome thing about this picture is we didn't hesitate to get on up there. We all just went up with second guessing our decision. Until it was time to get down that is! But I love that we all still adventurous and willing to do fun (yet potentially dangerous) things in our aging years. Life is an adventure....be willing to take some chances. Right?

That leads to our topic for today. Courage. It's defined as the ability to do something that frightens you. There seems to be a theory that people who take big chances aren't afraid of those choices. Not true. It just means they do it through their fear. They are scared but they do it anyway. This is so important when it comes to so many things. In order to have a full, satisfying life...you must be willing to do things that scare you. Once you screw up your courage, you will realize it's the only way to live.

What do we need courage for? Every single aspect of life. Are you unhappy with your job? Is it really scary to think about leaving it and starting fresh somewhere else? Of course it is. We often think of the worst case scenario first. What if it turns out to be worse than where I am now? Yes, that is a possibility. But what if it's better? What if you find friends there that add so much to your life even outside of work? What if you are more challenged in the new position which makes you more satisfied with your work? Think of the good that can come out of it and focus on it.

How about your relationships? This is when courage is the most important. This is when we show our vulnerability which is super scary. Are you at odds with your kids? Is there something you can do to make that better. The answer to that is yes. Talk with them. Tell them how sad you are with the state of things. Offer options on how you can all make things better. Listen to what they have to say. What about your partner? Are things not the way they used to be? Is something lacking in your relationship? You can talk about it. Open and honest communication is the only way to get through these tough times but yes, it can be hard to be so raw when your heart is on the line. Do it anyway. Take the chance and concentrate on all the good that can come from it. Have you felt a distance with a friend? Reach out and say how much you miss them.

Is there a hobby or activity you've been wanting to try but feel like you may be too old? Or are you worried you won't be able to keep up? There are some things you may not want to try depending on your age. You probably can't become a Nascar driver in your 60's. But you can get a race car and drive it a local track with some friends. Are you interested in surfing? Just go try. If it turns out to be too scary for you...then fine. Stop. But try. I saw some people zip lining while I was on vacation. Yep, not my thing. But I'm sure it pretty safe. If you like that kind of adrenaline...do it! It doesn't matter how old you are! As long as your heart is in good shape, that is. What is something you've always wanted to do? Do it. Do it through the fear. Force yourself off the couch and do it. We should be experiencing every single thing we can possibly dream of doing. What are you waiting for? Time is literally running out.

The thing that would sadden me the most if you settled for a life you don't truly love because of fear. Screw up that courage. Be willing to try. Courage is hard. But most of the best things in life are not attained easily. And stop with the I'm too old at this point in my life to try. I have found happiness in only the last two or three years. If I die tomorrow I will be so happy to have figured it out and lived fully for the last few years. It's so much better than living a hum drum life just because it's easier. Don't sell yourself short. Life is worth taking the chance. You are worth taking the chance.

It's Taco Tuesday! Hope you can grab a taco and maybe a margarita! What has been holding you back? What is something you can do today that will take a little courage? Do it! And be a badass about it. You know I'm cheering you on.

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