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See something, say something

These are signs that have been put up at some local businesses in my town. We live in a resort area so for a business to close for a whole day during peak season means they will lose a lot of money. Kudos to them for taking care of their employees first. The fact that their employees were treated so badly they were brought to tears is such a sad state of affairs in this country. From what I understand the patrons were told their food would take 20 minutes and it ended up being 35.

I keep hearing everyone saying how nobody wants to work anymore. So why would you treat those that do so badly? We have gotten so far away from kindness it's frightening. People seem to forget that these people they are screaming at are actual human beings with feelings. They are someone's child, spouse, sibling and friend.

If we all treated others as we would our own children we would be much better off. But to make someone cry because you had to wait an extra 15 minutes is intolerable. This is an epidemic in this country. Social media has made it very easy to bash and be hostile to others. And now it's running over into real life. In my opinion people have gotten so used to being nasty online it's carrying over in their face to face interactions.

I think it's time we bring back a little kindness in this world. When you see someone acting like a buffoon say something. If you can't bring yourself to address the person acting out then say a kind word to the employee being harassed. Just tell them they are doing a great job under the circumstances. But if you feel up to it, tell the buffoon to stop. Ask him or her why she thinks she is entitled to speak to someone in such a way.

And there it is....entitlement. We have such an issue with entitlement in this country. Everyone is so worried about themselves and doesn't care how what they want affects others. We want what we want when we want it and if it doesn't happen on our timeline we feel free to just lash out. NO! This is not how life works. You are not the center of the universe. Shit happens and we all need to learn how to roll with it a little better.

When you see someone berating a worker at a business establishment imagine it were your daughter or son and speak up. This really has to stop. There have always been people who treat service workers badly but it's gotten so common now there is a need for signs to remind people to be kind to workers. I find this so sad and ludicrous.

We are all on edge. We've all had a tough year. Things are opening up and we are all trying to get back to normal. If you are that irate that you food is taking longer than expected just leave. Go to the local convenience store and pick up a sandwich. It's ready and waiting for you.

My husband and I had a situation like this not so long ago. It was a rainy Friday night and Joe was stopping on his way home to pick up a pizza for us. I ordered it an hour ahead of time expecting it to be busy. When Joe got there it was pure mayhem. He couldn't even get close enough to ask if his pizza was ready. There were so many people standing in the rain waiting for their food. I told him to just come home and we made a frozen pizza. I felt bad that we stuck them with the food but it was a crazy scene. I'm sure they would rather be stuck with an extra pizza (although I'm sure we aren't the only way who bailed on our food that night) than have a raving lunatic screaming about where his or her food is.

Let's all stick up for one another a little more. If you see someone being a bully call them out on it. Or at least counteract it with some kind words for the person getting bullied. We need to start being more kind to each other. Maybe if these bullies are put in their place once in awhile it won't happen as often.

Let's do this people. Spread kindness instead of hate. Stick up for your fellow human. And shell yeah, be badass about it!

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