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Shedding the old

There is so much we should learn from nature. We are in the midst of Autumn now and I know so many people who consider it their favorite season. It's beauty with the leaves changing. The change in temperature with cooler days and chilly nights. Sitting around the fire pit toasting marshmallows for s'mores and drinking hot chocolate. We look forward to this change. It's beautiful and refreshing.

Yet, we hate change in our lives even when we know it's likely what is best for us. It scares us. It's a fear of the unknown. And it's understandable. Our brain is wired to be calm when it knows what is coming. That means no change. But sometimes it's necessary, In fact, scratch that. It is absolutely necessary to keep growing to live a satisfied, fulfilled life.

Maybe it will be easier to make changes in our own lives when we think about the seasons. Now in the fall it's time to shed the old to get ready for the new. Think about how much we love those leaves changing. We search them out just to look at them. That can be you too. A needed change in your life can be as beautiful as the height of fall foliage.

Fall is an automatic reset. It reminds us of school starting and getting back into a productive routine after the fun and sun of summer. It's a 'time to get back to business' feeling. So take some time to do an analysis of your life. Get out your pencil and notebook just like back in school and figure out what is working for you and what isn't. Whatever isn't, now is a good time to shed it, change it, or remodel it. And what is working should be something you can carve out more time for to enjoy.

It's a natural process in nature. Winter is when things are stagnant and there is new growth going on under the surface. It's preparing to burst out into new life. When spring comes everything is in bloom. It's the time to grow and shift and change until you get to your ultimate growth. Once you get there you need to start shedding in order to prepare for more growth to come. The shedding of the old is a beautiful process as we all know. The change occurs gradual at first with just a couple of trees changing colors here and there. Then there is an explosion of colors. What a sight to see! It was always my favorite time of the year to commute to work so I could enjoy that sight everyday. And then one day you stop noticing it as much. It's not as vibrant. Then you forget about it for the most part and the next time you look up to check out the leaves you find they are all gone. And it you didn't even realize it.

It's the same with changes in our lives. At first the changes take place gradually and you barely notice them. The next thing you know everyone notices this amazing transformation. Then it starts to be not as noticeable because you are getting used to this amazing change. And the next thing you know you have adapted to the changes and it's just the way it is now. Then the growth starts over again. You get to hibernate for the winter getting the necessary nutrients, taking what you know of the old and combining it with the new, to burst forth in the spring as the very best version of yourself.

Life, like in nature, is a cycle and there is constant movement. There is growing and shedding and renewing. It's the way we are intended to live. There may be things that have worked in our lives for the last 20 years but suddenly it's just doesn't fit anymore. That's okay! Some things aren't meant for a lifetime. Only a season. Learn to know the difference between them. Yes, this is the hard part. But if you ask yourself if the main reason you are hanging onto something or someone is because you are afraid of life without them then it's likely time for a change.

For example, if you have any inkling to leave a relationship and the main thing stopping you are things like where you will live, how you will take care of yourself, if you will be alone for the rest of your life. Yes, they are all scary thoughts and fears. But none of them are a reason to stay in a place you aren't meant to be. If you are meant to be where you are you likely won't have any inklings to leave so if you are thinking about it you have to ask yourself why. What is it that is causing this feeling? What does it mean? Talk it out with the people concerned and see if it can be improved. If it doesn't get better it may time to shed those leaves.

Mostly my hope for you right now is to enjoy the moments. Take the time to sit back and enjoy the beauty of Fall. Watch the vibrant colors, feel the crisp chill in the air, and feel the warmth of the fire. Get out those sweaters and boots. Fall fashion really is the best! And be present for all of it. Time just keeps moving faster so it's so important to stop and take it all in. Enjoy all the moments of all the seasons.

I wish you warmth and joy in these cooler days ahead. And go forward with the knowledge that you are big and strong like a tree and can withstand any storm that is thrown at it. Keep believing in yourself and vow to live your life better.

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