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Next week I’m going to focus on fitness a little bit. I had an incident last week that showed me how much we take our body for granted and we really need to take as good care of it as we possibly can.

I was helping a friend out with some stuff she had to get done and it entailed a lot of lifting heavy bags filled with towels and sheets. So, I just pulled the bag up from the floor by pulling my shoulder up high in order to give it enough clearance to carry. Well, by the next day I could barely move my shoulder. I was in so much pain I could barely do anything, yet I was due back to help my friend out again. So, I used my other shoulder but now worried I would pull that one out! I managed okay the second day but I went home and put ice on my shoulder on and off for the rest of the day. Thankfully that seemed to do the trick and I was feeling much better by the time I woke up the following day.

Man, you never realize how much you use your shoulder until every move you make is painful.

As several people mentioned to me; but you work out…this shouldn’t happen to you. First of all, I was usually muscles we don’t typically use everyday nor when working out. Second, you are correct. If someone who works out can so easily pull out their shoulder imagine how easy it will be that doesn’t condition their body at all.

I’m not one to lecture you on what you should or shouldn’t do when it comes to your body and fitness level but I think it may be important to point out that working out isn’t just about looking good. It’s about feeling good and strong and it gets more important as we get older.

So that is my sneak peak at next week. If you don’t care about fitness, I guess you can skip the blogs next week. Not the podcasts though because I’m super funny…some would even say hilarious! But I urge to at least listen and give it a little thought. A leisurely walk every day will do wonders for your body.

But today, it is cocktail Friday so we will tackle this subject on Monday. You’re almost to the weekend. Tonight…you get to grab an adult beverage and hopefully are still having a long weekend. Cheers!

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