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Some changes are here to stay.

Stay at home orders are being extended to April 30. That is a whole month from now. Get ready for the long haul. I hope you have plenty of supplies and don't have to go out often. I'm personally out of lysol wipes and feeling the stress! While we are trapped inside we are adjusting to a whole new world. And there are certain things that won't go back to the way they were.

I'm going to venture a guess that more people are going to be working from home in the future. Now that companies see it can be done, they will want to cut costs and keep things as they are now. That can be good news or bad news for you. But consider it as a real possibility. There will be a whole lot more online shopping. It may just put a majority of brick and mortar shops out of business altogether. Let me stop and preface all this with these predictions are my own. I'm in no way trying to cause a panic or pretend to know more than anyone else. But common sense is telling me this incident is going to change the world forever. Including how we work, we shop, we socialize and take care of ourselves.

If you are out of work right now I would urge you to consider something in the virtual world. Start brainstorming now as to what you can offer the world from the comfort of your home. The sooner you start the better. Don't discount a good brainstorm. You can come up with some really great ideas. Some really stupid ones too but it's all part of the process. Think about what you can do for others that will also bring in some income.

I'm currently taking a course right now. I mentioned it yesterday. It's called the Knowledge Brokers Blueprint. This course is based on self education business which the creators claim is the wave of the future. Especially with the skyrocketing costs of college and how long it takes, they say people will seek out people who have the knowledge they are looking for and take online courses. People will seek out what they need instead of following the traditional path of education. It's cheaper and faster. They sold me on this concept. I believe it. I'm even taking an online course right now from Yale. My friend Marcy posted it in the group page a week or so ago. It's a course on creating happiness and when I complete it I will have a certificate from Yale! That's right, I'm ivy league now! But it's online. And it is free by the way. Even traditional universities are changing for the future. The world is changing....it essentially already has and the fast you get on board with how the world is working right now, the better off you will be.

When thinking about your future, think about what you can offer in this brand new world. You will find this is a time that many traditional businesses will fail and new businesses will emerge and thrive. Play around on social media. Ask people what they feel they need the most right now related to something you can offer. Work through it. Figure it out as you go. Do something. The t-v will still be there when this is all over. Use your time wisely. Don't just wait things out because we will be returning to a completely different world than we left. Again, this is my opinion. But it seems pretty likely to me. Take this time to lead. Lead your life, lead your family, lead your community. You can figure it out and you can do it. How do I know? Because you are a badass!

It's Taco Tuesday. If you don't have taco's...don't get them. Have something else instead! Something you already have. We have lasagna! Think about how your future will look in this brand new world. Prepare and be ready for it. Now, go make today...your best day yet.

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