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Something to look forward to!

In times like these it's great if you can plan something to look forward to. I know it's difficult because travel restrictions are so tough right now. So maybe you can do smaller trips for now and plan for something bigger in the future. It doesn't have to be travel either. It can be a kitchen upgrade or updating the outside of your house. Do these all sound like big, expensive projects? That's because they are. It's something you can plan and save for. But here's the thing, no matter how much money you have dedicated to a certain project or trip, start planning now.

Once you start planning it becomes real and it's so much more likely to actually happen. If you want to upgrade the kitchen, start looking at different options and decide exactly how you want your kitchen to look. Just look through magazines or scroll the websites of home improvement stores. Or meet with someone telling them you are still in the very early planning stages and are just looking for different options. Once you get that perfect kitchen mapped out...print it out and look at it every day. Seeing it all the time will motivate you to raise the money to get it done.

It's the same with traveling. If you are thinking about a big trip. Start planning now! Not to mention these types of trips typically take a lot of planning so get started. Contact travel agents, look up airfares, check out AirBnB's where you want to go. I am planning a trip to Europe in the Fall. Yes, the plan could be blown to smitherines with Covid but I'm hopeful that with the vaccine and it being nine months away that things will be getting back to normal by then. I've been wanting to visit Europe my whole life and I'm not waiting anymore. I've already picked the dates we will go. Am keeping an eye on airfares and checked out some places to stay. Lucky for me I have a cousin who lives in Germany so part of our trip is already taken care of. We are all going to explore other areas of the continent so I'm making choices about where to go and places to stay. It's a big trip. It's one I've been waiting my whole life to go on. I'm not waiting anymore. I'm making my plans and hoping for the best!

You can do the same! If you are willing to do some long term planning you can find a place to go that you've always dreamed of. Or if you are still leary about air travel, plan some road trips. There are so many awesome places to see in this country alone it is well worth jumping in the car with a bunch of snacks, some good music and your favorite people. All you have to do is decide where to go and find a place to stay.

The point is to have something to look forward to. Don't just think about it. Don't just visualize it. Plan it. Nothing will motivate you faster than seeing your vision of your brand new kitchen, patio or the pictures of the places you want to travel to. You don't have to pick dates or spend any money. But you do need to plan it and act as if it's happening for it to come to fruition the fastest. Plus it's fun!

It's Friday. We made it to the weekend. Hope it's fantastic and be safe in whatever you do. Of course be badass. I'm still here, cheering you on!

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