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Stay the Course!

I went looking for a small notebook to take notes the other day for a course I'm taking. I found one that I had gotten for Christmas last year that had several pages of notes. I"m so glad I had jotted down a few ideas in that book because, Wow...have I come much further than I even realized.

This time last year I was still winging it with what I would blog and podcast about everyday. Now, I have a clear plan with month long topics broken up into weekly focuses. I have organized plans to follow and add more as I go along. I had given thoughts to doing speaking events but didn't really have a clear outline for a speech and now I have one under my belt. I have expanded my portfolio to encompass much more than just the blog and podcast everyday. I really have come a long way. And it felt really good to realize I was progressing much further than I thought.

Things are definitely going slower than I would like. My progress is not taking shape the way I had hoped BUT there is definitely progress and that is what I will focus on. I'm making movements. I'm taking steps in the right direction. And now, I will start acting as if I have all the professional achievements I have been desiring and visualizing myself as the success I know I will have some day.

What have you been working on? Is it something work related? Is it your kids development? Is it a health journey? Think back to a year ago. Do you have journals or notes from this time last year? Look through them. That is how you really gauge how far you have come. Even if you aren't where you want to be how much further along have you come? What have you learned? What baby steps have you taken that is progress? Instead of thinking how far we have to go, let's look back occasionally to monitor how far we've come.

Are you trying to lose weight? Yeah, me too....always! Even if you haven't lost the amount of weight you wanted what baby steps have you taken to further your goal? Have you stopped snacking right before bed? Did you cut creamer out of your coffee? Have you added more water to your daily regimen? One thing I often think of is snow days. We are having us a snow day today and I used to run to the store beforehand and stock up on junk food. It was a literal food free for all. Now I treat it like any other day. It's something I conquered awhile back but it's one of those things I revisit often to prove to myself that I can change a life long habit. I can do it! And so can you.

Whatever it is you are working toward...visualize that person when you have achieved that goal. What does she look like? How does she act? What is her daily routine like? How will you feel and act once you realize that goal? Act that and feel that way now. It will push you along even faster to achieve your goal. Use your imagination...that's what it's there for!

It's Monday...my favorite day after Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A brand new week full of possibilities and opportunities. Now go make them happen while being bad ass of course. You know I'm here, cheering you on.

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