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STOP taking your life for granted!

Do you just get through every day? Do you live for the weekends? Do you feel like you are just marking time until the next vacation, summer or when you retire? Then you are definitely living your daily life wrong. I know not everyone loves their job. I know that people feel too busy, harried and like life is passing them by. You need to stop and find a little bit of joy each and every day. Easier said than done? Not really.

What are some of the things you love? How often do you get to enjoy them? Do you make sure you include little things that bring you joy every day? If you do, do you actually take the time to enjoy them? The trick is to enjoy the little things and then make sure you are mindful when they are right in front of you.

I did my nails the other day. They look so nice. I’m actually impressed with what a good job I did. And now, I am enjoying looking at them and how nice they look on and off throughout my day. I don’t often get my nails done at the salon because, you know, it costs money and you know how I hate to part with that. And I can’t usually do a great job myself at home. And honestly, it’s just a pain in the butt to do myself. The old polish is hard to get off and then it takes time to do them, especially if I want to avoid all that polish on the side of my fingers. And then the drying time…ugh! Is it just me or does it take so much longer for your nails to dry when you do them at home versus when they do them at the salon? So, I don’t do them often because they are a pain in the butt. But I have enjoyed looking at them so much the last few days I may have to reconsider if they are more trouble than they are worth. It also gives me a chance to pump up the surroundings for my gorgeous wedding rings!

Yesterday, I was laying on the couch reading a book and Tucker jumped up and sat next to my legs. At one point she put her chin on top of my legs and just stayed there. I took so much joy in just watching her want to be close to me. You can do this with your kids. How often do you just sit back and watch your kids? Marvel in the fact that you made this human. Then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, literally! Ha!

I’ve talked about before how much scents enhance my life. Light that candle. Use it, don’t wait for a special occasion. I have a scent warmer that I can set for 3,6 or 9 hours. I love it and use it constantly. I use a body scrub often while showering for my legs and feet. I tell you how much I love this. But there comes a point where the application of it becomes automatic. Don’t let it. Make sure you are enjoying the process. Or what is the point?

It takes some time and training to start to be more mindful of the things we take for granted every single day but it can be done. Just remind yourself throughout the day to take it all in. Eating your favorite lunch? Savor each and every bite…not just the first few. I guarantee you will enjoy your lunch more if you are mindful of every bite and really enjoy the food you are consuming. It seems really simple but you have to remember to do it. And do it for the whole process!

It’s Fall, are you enjoying the beautiful show of colors the trees are putting on right now? It can make your ride to and from work so much more enjoyable. Are you listening to your favorite music, a favorite podcast or an audio book? Take the time in your commute to fit in something you love. Remember to really taste your coffee while taking the drive or at home before you leave. Experience it rather than just down it. Feel the warmth of the mug. Really taste the flavor of the coffee and how it warms you as it goes down. It’s really as easy as remembering to enjoy the experience…of anything.

So, stop taking the little things for granted. That is what life is all about. Enjoying what you have in it. So, don’t forget to take in the joy. And incorporate more into your life that you enjoy. It’s the only way to live!

It’s hump day, already! Take some time to think about what little things bring you joy every day and do them! And make today your best day yet.

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