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Stop the snooze!

When it comes to living with intention the absolute best thing you can do is get up when the alarm goes off. I mean, the first time. Breaking the snooze habit is so freeing. You know when you are getting up. There are no questions about it. No more late mornings because you hit the snooze button one too many times. No more breaking promises to yourself first thing in the morning. Because if you set your alarm for a certain time and don't get up at that time...you are breaking your promise to yourself that you are getting up when you say you will. Not to mention, who was to make such important decisions first thing in the morning. Can I squeeze one more time in? Or how about when you decide you are getting up so you turn the alarm off but then you fall back asleep again? Then you are definitely late!

Breaking this habit can be hard. It will be hard. But once you do, you will be so happy you did. It sets your day off right. You will have the time to get in what you want first thing in the morning. Whether it be working out, a good breakfast, some alone time with your gratitude journal and setting your intentions for the day. The best part of it for me was there was no more guessing what time I was actually going to get up.

When I was in college I developed a horrible snooze habit. I put the alarm clock across the room so I would have to get up to turn it off. It didn't matter. I would get up, turn it off and run back to bed. I would do this for up to three hours sometimes. It got to the point where I slept right through it. During final exams one time I had my friends mother call me to make sure I was up so I didn't sleep through my exams. It was out of control. I was out of control. Desperate measures were called for. My mother got me an alarm that didn't have a snooze button. Not only that, but it the noise it made was so obnoxious I got to the alarm to shut it off as fast as I could. It cured me of the snooze habit immediately.

My advice to you is to get an old fashioned alarm. Something that doesn't have a snooze button. Or maybe try one of those alarms that you have to complete a puzzle or math problem before it will shut off. Get something that will force you out of bed the first time.

Once you kick this habit you will realize how detrimental it has been all this time. I know there is a feeling of euphoria when you realize you can drift back off to sleep once that alarm goes off. But you are really just delaying the inevitable. You will have to get up eventually. And you may be running late now. You are just prolonging the pain. Get up right away and know your schedule. Know that you will have enough time to get done what you intend to before leaving for work or starting your day.

Unfortunately this is one of these things you won't realize how great it is until you've done it. Getting up on time when you intend to starts your day off right. And you can live intentionally. That's what this is all about.

It's taco Tuesday! Grab a healthy one and get up on time...starting tomorrow. You won't regret it! And if you do, go back to the snooze. I have a feeling you won't. Now go out there and be a badass. As always, I'm cheering you on!

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