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Suffering a Setback

I’m putting off my focus on fitness for one day to tell you about a couple of setbacks I’ve had this week. I’m still learning and have a long way to go in a lot of different ways. But I’ve had a couple of incidents this week that have just left me feeling a little let down and asking my old go to question..why me?

First, I’ve been helping out a friend of mine who has a business on LBI. As her business grows, she has found herself in a bit of lurch in getting the help she needs hired so I offered to pitch in here and there when needed. It’s a lot of physical labor and has been taking a toll on my body. But that’s okay. I did however come across an old boss of mine this week while performing these tasks. I did not leave on friendly terms from this job. We exchanged some pleasantries and he asked me if I was still on the radio. I told him; “not right now”. But it was embarrassing. I’m not embarrassed at all to be doing the work I’m doing except for the fact that I’m not going to get into all the details with him and he probably thinks I lost my radio job and am back right where I was when I worked for him. All my big plans did not work out. I know I shouldn’t care what he thinks but we still do at times. Ah….life goes on.

The other setback happened over the weekend. At my former radio station we always got excited about Bruce Springsteen potentially making an appearance at one of the shows we hosted. He’s known for doing things like this and we know he lives nearby. Well, it happened. Last night. Almost four months after I lost my job  (in opinion) for no reason at all. It’s frustrating. I could have met Bruce! I could have a fabulous selfie with him right now and be blogging about that instead of this missed opportunity. And the fact that this is a major coo for the radio station just burns me up. It all seems so unfair at times. I told my husband I may allow myself to wallow in this one for a while. But I am already moving forward. There is just no point in feeling sorry for myself.

One more thing I want to address is the blog and podcast I did after my cousin stayed with us last weekend. I believe most of what I said was true but after a discussion with him about said podcast he said he was surprised I said he was exhausting me as he had always listened compassionately when I was a pessimist and never complained. I did listen to him…but yes, I complained. I was not only a bad friend and cousin….I was a terrible Hopefulist. I just want to change what happened to him. I want him to be the happy, go-lucky guy I’ve always known. He knows I love him if he lets this bring him down or not, but I truly just want to see him feel better and stop taking so much blame for his circumstances. Sometimes you can only do so much and you are dealt what you are dealt. (Like, working your ass off everyday with a person who made sure you knew he hated you and still did it with professionalism and conjured up joy for a daily radio show…get fired anyway and miss out on seeing Bruce freaking Springsteen!) But I wanted to say I’m sorry to him because I was a little insensitive.

So, this is a brand-new week and I’m trying to put all this behind me as I focus on only the great things in my life moving forward. It’s my favorite day after Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Now go make this a great week and make today…your best day yet!

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