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Is your partner supportive of your dream or try to discourage it because it may be harder on them? I am very lucky. I have the most amazing husband who is supportive of whatever I do. I asked him recently if he thought my podcast will blow up into what I believe it will become. He said he wasn’t sure but is glad that I have found something that I love to do every day. He just wants me to be happy. And he does whatever he can to help me spread my message and promote my brand. He shares my posts on his Facebook page every day. He listens to my podcast everyday and gives me praise and critiques when necessary. He pitches in extra when he can whether it be around the house, picking up an extra shift at work because we are a little short on cash or coming up with ideas on how I can pursue this dream of mine while figuring out a way to bring in some money in the meantime. I know that I have an amazing husband and not everyone is so lucky.

Regardless of your situation I truly hope that your spouse is supportive of your dream. I hope they are working with you to get you to your ultimate goal. This is where you need the most support. There is so much your spouse can do to help you. Taking care of the kids when you need to focus on the work of getting to your goal. Picking up some of the household duties like cleaning, laundry and doing the shopping. Not to mention the emotional support and being your biggest cheerleader when you come across obstacles.

I know you will feel selfish at times for asking so much from your partner. DON’T! You are a team. If they had a dream you would totally support them and do what you could to make it a reality, right? Or have you already done that? Stop worrying about what your dream is taking away from others and focus on what it is giving you. Your life and dreams are more important than anyone else’s. I say that because you are the one that wakes up everyday knowing you want more. You are the one that knows what needs to be done in order to achieve that dream. I don’t mean they are more important in the sense that you deserve it more. I mean that you are the ONLY one who can make it happen. So, you must make it a priority. Yes, you should be there for your spouse and be supportive of their dreams as well. You should help your kids do all that you can. But these people in your life are responsible for making their own dreams come true. You are there doing what you can to help them along and being their biggest cheerleader, but it is ultimately up to them to make it happen. Just like it is ultimately up to you to make your dream happen.

I will finish with a quick story from one of my favorite television shows….”This is Us”. Randall and Beth had been fighting most of this past season because he had a dream of becoming a city councilperson. He won the election, but it was a huge pay cut. She had recently lost her high paying job and decided she wanted to start teaching dance. So, they had a lot of fights about who’s dream was more important and how they both couldn’t do what they wanted to do and pay their bills and take care of their three kids. They ended the season by selling their huge house and moving to an apartment in the city where Randall was working while Beth planned to open her own dance studio. Yes, they took their kids out of their schools and they now have to share a bedroom (oh, the horror) but that is what it takes sometimes. They figured out a way to make it work for both of them. This is the kind of partner I hope you have because it is exactly what you need. If you aren’t at this point in your marriage, start telling your partner what you need. Discuss it. See what compromises you can both come up with. But don’t give up on your dream. I’ll say it again; your dream is more important to you than to anyone else in your life so you have to be the one to fight for it. Don’t give up…EVER!

It’s hump day! And what are we going to do today? That’s right, go make it your best day yet!

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